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Choosing The Best Suited Garage Door

Author: Andrew Parks
by Andrew Parks
Posted: Oct 29, 2015

Your home is made up of many elements, one of which is the garage door. No matter how inconspicuous it may appear, the fact is that its importance should not be undermined. The garage of your home houses some very important materials that are required to keep the rest of the house functioning in prim condition. When it comes to this door, particular care needs to be extended to it every once in a while to ensure that it works properly. Residential garage doors are in fact of many types. You need choose from the available types of doors that best suits your needs. Following paragraphs discuss the kinds of commonly available garage doors.

Rolling garage doors are usually the preferred choice where the headroom is greater. Construction of such doors involves steel plates that can be rolled around a drum to retract. Such doors take up around fifteen inches of headroom, therefore they are not recommended where overhead space is required for high vehicles. Steel tends to get heavy, thus garage door repair of these doors should only be done by professionals.

Sectional doors were invented as an attempt at saving space in the case of houses that cannot afford huge garage spaces. These doors have many interconnected panels that travel on tracks and can be retracted one over the other. Space optimization is achieved in this manner. This kind of garage door has more moving parts, thus is more susceptible to wear and tear than any other kind. Garage door service providers should be contacted immediately if you begin to feel bumpiness in operating this door.

Next kind of door that you can install in your garage is the monolithic type. As the name suggests, it is a full, one-piece door that either retracts upwards over your head or swings outside to create an entry. The upward retracting mechanism makes it recede backwards into the garage while leaving some portion of it as an overhang, giving it the look of a canopy. This kind of door is the least expensive and is the preferred choice for those running on a tight budget.

While choosing a garage door, you should keep in mind some very important facts. The more parts your door has, the more frequently it will be in the requirement of servicing. Wear and tear occurs more in cases where there is more friction occurring between door parts. If you choose to install wooden doors, then you’ll need to carry out its weather and termite proofing quite often. Wood is durable enough when cared for properly. It looks beautiful too. Other precautions include routing servicing and check-up to ensure everything is working as it should.

Garage doors are important in many ways, because your car stays protected from thieving due to these doors. They have effective locking mechanisms that keep your things safe and sound. Taking good care of this door ensures all-round safety of your home.

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