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A few simple checks before visiting MOT garages Lewisham

Author: Johny Dean
by Johny Dean
Posted: Oct 30, 2015

Your car’s first MOT test is due in a month. You have heard from friends about the test but have never had a personal experience. After you make an appointment with one of the reliable MOT garages Lewisham, you can run a checklist to see whether your car is ready for the test. While a snag in an auto part can only be detected and repaired by car garages Lewisham, there are some elementary checks which even you can do. It would be disappointing to see your car fail the test because of a simple overlook form your part.

If you get your car regularly serviced from car garages Lewisham then you should not have any problem with the MOT test. However, regular use as well as wear and tear can get the car parts worn out. The first thing to lookout for is whether the lighting equipment is working perfectly. The headlight or the stop lights should be functioning perfectly as these are directly related to road safety rules. Examine the smaller accessories like windscreen wipers, windscreen washers, seatbelt, mirrors and horns. A frayed-at-edges windscreen wiper or an empty washer bottle can set you back. The MOT garages Lewisham will first check these things.

Give the car a good wash, the number plate should be clean and clearly visible. The car’s Vehicle Identification Number should be legible. The car suspension is another aspect which you can test yourself. Put your weight on each of the four corners of the car and then release. The car should get back to position quickly. Ask a friend who is experienced enough to come and help you take these tests. If your car gets a clean chit from MOT garages Lewisham you can confidently drive off to the test centre. Else, wait for your trusted car garages Lewisham to set things right.

Another important component that you should never ignore checking is the car brake system. Ascertain whether both the handbrake and the footbrake are working fine. You need not stretch yourself in checking whether the brake drums are in good shape or not The MOT garages Lewisham will not take apart any car component for thorough investigation. The MOT test is based on observations made by the testers. Run a quick check of the anti-lock braking system or ABS to see if it is performing optimally. If you think all these are too complicated for you to handle, take help from friendly neighbourhood car garages Lewisham who would be happy to help you out.

Get the tyre pressure checked by them too. The windscreen area should ideally have no damage and must allow clear vision, particularly the Zone A area. The MOT garages Lewisham will check your car emission system to ensure that the car follows environmental stipulations. If your car is regularly serviced at car garages Lewisham then you need not worry about this. The mirrors should be in good condition, fuel tank must be capped and locking system should be secure. Before you leave home for the test, ensure that you are carrying the V5C Vehicle Registration Document. Your first tryst with MOT testing will surely be a pleasant one.

When you plan visits to car garages Lewisham or MOT garages Lewisham for regular servicing of your car, your yearly experience at the MOT test centre is bound to be positive.

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