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Achieving AStress Free Home Buying Experience

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Oct 31, 2015

It would be nice to think that buying a new home could be planned and executed easily; surely it is simply a matter of knowing what you want (and what you are prepared to compromise on) and knowing how much you can afford. Sadly it is never quite that straightforward, partly because it is an emotional decision, which means that you might not like what, on paper, could be the perfect house or conversely like something that does not "tick all the boxes". And once you have decided on a particular house those same emotions can lead to the whole thing being very stressful. Nevertheless, it is possible to keep that stress to a minimum (even if the stress cannot be entirely eliminated) by following some simple advice.

Stress-induced feelings of anxiety or even panic can be controlled but if you allow those emotions free-rein then it will make it hard to make good decisions and hard to avoid making bad decision. And when you consider that a house-purchase is such a huge expense for the majority of us we all want to make the right decision.

Buying a home is a complex process that few of us do on a regular basis and it fundamentally affects our emotions, lifestyle and finances for many years, which is a scary thought. What is most frightening are the things we don't really understand like the mortgage jargon and legal jargon involved in dealing with banks and solicitors. But you can relieve this fear by reminding yourself that the professionals involved in the process are just that – professionals – who do this sort of thing every day of their working lives. This does, of course, mean that they sometimes use jargon without thinking that the ordinary citizen might not understand it. So if you don't understand something then just ask for a simple explanation. Questions and concerns that remain unresolved will just fuel your anxiety.

You can also educate yourself on some of the more common aspects of house purchasing by doing some research in advance – there are plenty of professional websites offering advice and clarification about the whole process.

If you are moving to a new area you may also have some concerns about that but, again, you can do some research to find out as much as you can. Frequent trips to the area may not be possible if it is too far away but try getting involved in online communities focussing on a particular neighbourhood.

Once you are at the point of making an offer, prepare yourself for a range of outcomes to avoid an emotional rollercoaster. Any, or all, of the following may happen before a house is legally yours:

  • Your best offer will not be accepted
  • Your offer will be accepted but then you will be gazumped
  • You will get involved in a bidding war with another buyer
  • The buying process will be delayed by others in the chain
  • You cannot secure a good mortgage deal
  • The survey finds unexpected defects with the property
  • The surveyor undervalues the property
  • The local authority search reveals some problem in the immediate vicinity
  • Your buyer withdraws from the purchase of your existing home
  • You or your partner loses their job

If you know what the worst events could be then you can handle them relatively calmly if they actually happen. But don't forget that moving house can go smoothly and that a new home is an exciting new chapter in your life so don't forget to enjoy it. If the worst happens, stick your stuff in self-storage in london and go on a holiday of a lifetime!

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