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Cheap Storage Units for Storing A Boat

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Nov 01, 2015
Boats are expensive investments that you want to keep safe, secure and sea-worthy out of season. The best way to do this is not necessarily docked in a harbour or out of the water in a marine storage facility specifically for boats as these tend to be expensive. A less expensive option might be some form on non-traditional storage such as a self-storage container for instance.Many regular self-storage companies are happy to accommodate boats of all sizes, particularly if they are located near the coast, lakes or rivers that have plenty of boating traffic. Obviously the best type of storage for a boat is inside a container – it is more secure so less likely to get stolen or damaged and it is protected from the weather so less susceptible to damage by the elements. However, many companies will also offer essentially a secure parking space; this option comes with the regular security, which might be CCTV, entry by identification only and 24-hour security guards, depending on the level a particular facility offers. Either way it is likely to be more secure than docked in a harbour and is likely to cost less.Storing you boat outdoors is, clearly, going to be the least expensive option so already that is an advantage in its favour. Nevertheless there are certain disadvantages to this type of storage and you will need to make sure the vessel has good covers that are securely attached that won't blow off in high winds or allow rain or snow to get under the cover – your vessel will be at the mercy of the elements. You should also understand that even on well-secured facilities there is always the chance of theft and theft is easier if the vessel is not in a container so outdoor storage in inherently less secure.Many of the large drive-up storage containers at self-storage facilitiesare suitable for boats and are not as expensive as the more typical indoor storage rooms so these are an option for balancing cost with security and protection from the weather. You should expect to pay a lower rate for storing a boat in a container than you might, for example, to store your home contents or seasonal business stock in a better protection environment.But be aware that outdoor storage units, which are typically made of metal, will be affected by changes in the climate. Spells of high temperature followed by low temperature can cause condensation to build up inside the unit so your boat needs to be properly prepared even for storage in a container. Just because it is not directly exposed to the elements does not protect it entirely from changing weather conditions. The best choice will depend on cost, availability and the usual weather conditions in your part of the world; also, of course, on the value of the boat itself.

Whatever type of self-storage bedfordfacility you think is right for you, always negotiate hard on price – the advertised prices are not always the price you have to pay and if you (or your boat) are based in an area where there is plenty of competition for your business then you are likely to get a better deal on your cheap storage unit.

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