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LED Strip Lighting Australia: A Smart Power-Saving Solution

Author: Liyo Josef
by Liyo Josef
Posted: Nov 02, 2015

The discovery of electricity and electric bulb, decades ago, not only brought about technological advancement, but also revolutionized the way we people live our lives. Both have proved to be a boon for human race and given a rise to an electrified and comfortable lifestyle. But eventually it was observed, that mere use of an incandescent bulb contributed towards the global warming. This increase was an outcome of emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the planet. Reducing these emissions and maintaining the living conditions of the planet gave rise to the invention and implementation of sustainable lighting solutions, LED being one of them.

LED (light emitting diode), consists of two-lead semiconductor light source, when supplied with required voltage, produces light. Earlier, LED light bulbs were used mostly as indicators and signs but the immense technological research has increased the efficiency of these bulbs. Now these bulbs are used as illumination to light the homes, offices, and have started replacing the conventional incandescent bulbs. LED strip lighting Australia helps to mount number of LEDs on a single wide strip of heat conducting epoxy typically used for decoration, but can be used in home as well. Such LED strip lighting would save space, energy and a lot of your money as well.

Another alternative to implementing sustainable technology at homes would be use of kitchen cabinet LED lighting. These are a built-in-bar with on/off touch switch with slick and smart design and provide bright illumination. They have a long life span and are easy to install, contributing to sustainable architecture. LED lights have several advantages over conventional lighting like

  • Long life span

  • Energy efficient

  • Eco- friendly

  • Durable Quality

  • Mercury free and others to name a few.

There have been sudden rise in such electrical companies who supply LED lights for kitchen cabinets, homes, offices and business facilities. VOLKA Lighting is a promising company that provides DIY LED light bulbs. They offer a wide range of LED lights and kits along with LED mounting profiles. These LED mounting profiles can be used to light the kitchen, shelves, countertops, and wardrobes when mounted with desired LED strips.

About VOLKA Lighting:

VOLKA Lighting, established in Laverton, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia, is known to be a leading provider of LED lights and fittings. They provide commercial as well as project and educational LED kits. For more information, please visit

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