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How to Increase Your Bench Press

Author: Parry Joeperia
by Parry Joeperia
Posted: Nov 04, 2015
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Are you looking for that rounded chest that stands out like a medal that is awarded to pros? Are you dying to have that chiseled chest to no avail? Look no further. It all boils down on how to increase your bench press. Body builders usually have an aim as they train. The main goal is to have a massive and chiseled chest. Here is a guide on how to get a stronger bench press.

For one to achieve a muscular chest, simple chest isolation exercises may not help much. There are other ways to increase the bench press which are critical to attaining this goal. Building a muscular chest involves setting short and long term goals and religiously sticking to them.

Muscles build and shape over time. This calls for consistency. It is important for the body builder to set up an aggressive weight training program and follow it. In order for a body builder to achieve the muscular muscle, they need to do the following:

Practice patience

Rome was not built in a day. You will not develop the chiseled muscular chest within a few days of training. Building muscle takes a lot of time and hard work. This basically means having to set guiding short and long term goals which must be followed. With patience and diligence, the dream will actualize.

Diet modification

A muscular chest cannot be attained by eating like a bird. A good and proper diet should be followed. There are various diets that work based on particular body types. A nutritionist can be consulted to help draw up a healthy meal plan. It is recommended that one should eat small food portions at least after every three hours. This helps to stabilize and increase metabolism. In addition, it provides nutrition to the growing muscles throughout the entire day.

Begin with compound exercises

Prior to commencing the chest isolation exercises, start by building the muscular foundation first. Starting with heavy compound exercises help to develop body strength and bulk. Heavy weight exercise such as bench press and overhead press are recommended.

Focus on good technique

Learn how to lift weights properly. Improper lifting may result in an injury. In the event that one is not sure how to go about it, seek the help of a trainer or seasoned pro.

Get sufficient rest

Give the muscles a period of rest for them to repair and rebuild. Get some quality rest before the next work out exercise


Now that we have the basics, let us go to the specific exercises.

Bench press: This is the best overall exercise that contributes to a muscular chest. This exercise incorporates the entire group of muscles found in the chest. For quicker results, use heavy weight when bench pressing. The other exercises include the push ups, dumbbell press and dips can be done.

Muscle Prodigy is an online site that can greatly benefit body builders. Apart from the bench press, other critical exercises and useful tips while training have been offered.

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Muscle Prodigy provides complete information about balanced diet, workout plan and fitness routines for men, women and athletes in USA. Many people work hard in order to reduce their back but most did not get the desired results due lack of awareness

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