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A Varicose Vein Doctor in OmahaDifferentiates between Spider and Varicose Veins

Author: Mark Smith
by Mark Smith
Posted: Nov 05, 2015

Many people falsely believe that spider veins are just smaller varicose veins. Someone who has spider veins prior to developing varicose veins may believe that their existing condition has simply worsened. In reality, there are some very important differences between the two vein conditions. When the person goes to a spider vein doctor in Omaha to treat what they believe to be a cosmetic problem, they may find that they have developed a more serious condition that is considered medical. The ability to distinguish between the two conditions starts with their appearance. This is the first of three important distinctions between the two types of vein disease.

When to visit a varicose vein doctor in Omaha

Spider veins are small red or blue close to the skin’s surface that have a web-like appearance. Varicose veins are larger, often have a bluish or red appearance, and bulge above the surface of the skin. The second important difference between the two types of is their potential impact on your health. While spider are usually considered cosmetic, varicose can lead to more significant symptoms such as pain or the development of ulcers. They also have the potential to develop into more serious conditions. Although spider are less likely to pose a threat to your health, either condition should be evaluated by a vein care specialist in Omaha to determine if there are any underlying health conditions.

The importance of going to a vein care specialist in Omaha

The third important difference between spider and varicose veins is the way that they are classified by the medical industry. Although spider are not as likely to signal as significant an underlying condition as varicose veins, they should never be dismissed as cosmetic without an evaluation and diagnosis from a vein care specialist in Omaha. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle will take the time and care needed to determine the scope of your vein disease regardless of your symptoms. Call us at 402-298-5740 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Whittle and learn what treatment approach you need to achieve peak vein health.

Author Bio: A varicose vein doctor in Omaha explains the 3 most important differences between spider and varicose veins.

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Author Bio: The writer is an expert in the field of Spider & vein treatments specialist in Varicose Vein Treatment Omaha and Omaha Spider Vein Doctor.

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