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A NYC Vein Treatment Center Answers the Question, "How Do I Know If I Have Varicose Veins?"

Author: Nick Johnson
by Nick Johnson
Posted: Nov 05, 2015

Many people, hearing the question in the title of this article, might think it's silly, and say, "How do I know I've got varicose veins? I just look in the mirror, right?"

Wrong, for a couple of reasons. First, not all varicose veins are close enough to the surface of your skin to be visible, at least during the early stages of vein disease. Second, it's common for the disease that causes varicose veins to be present and causing damage to your health long before it actually results in swollen, discolored veins that you can see.

So how do I know for sure if I have varicose veins?

This question is much easier to answer – get a venous health screening from Manhattan vein specialists such as the doctors at New York Cardiovascular Associates. Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools available, they can look beneath the surface of your skin and detect not only varicose veins that are not yet visible, but also other, potentially more dangerous vein diseases.

And the best part? These screenings are fast, painless, and non-invasive

Modern vein treatment in NYC makes use of technologies like Doppler ultrasound, which enables specialists to visualize blood as it flows through your veins, and thus detect signs of disease. The first such disease they can see using ultrasound is chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), the primary cause of varicose veins. If you have CVI, what this means is that the tiny, one-way valves in your veins that control the flow of blood and keep it pumping back to your heart and lungs have become "leaky." They no longer close as they should, and allow blood to flow backwards into your veins and pool there. This is what causes them to become swollen (varicose) and discolored (taking on the color of deoxygenated blood).

But the same non-invasive ultrasound technology can also visualize signs of a much more serious vein disease, deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. This disease causes blood clots to form in the large veins of your legs, where they impair your circulation and thus your overall health. The real danger of DVT, however, occurs if these clots travel through the veins to your lungs, where they can cause a pulmonary embolism, or to your brain, where they can cause a stroke. These complications of DVT kill an estimated 300,000 Americans every year, and most of these people never knew they were ill. A painless venous health screening is a simple way to ensure that you don't become a statistic.

Become proactive about your vein health by getting a screening today

Call our NYC vein treatment center at 646-233-1838 to arrange for a venous health screening today. It takes only a few moments, and can detect vein disease early enough to make eliminating varicose veins easier. If the screening detects signs of DVT, it can also save your life.

Author Bio: Doctors from a resected NYC vein treatment and Varicose Vein Treatment NYC center discuss varicose veins, and how recognizing them is not as simple as just looking in the mirror.

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