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Why One Needs To Buy Nanowires These Days?

Author: Rishikesh Chavan
by Rishikesh Chavan
Posted: Nov 09, 2015

The new revolution in the electrical industry is the invention of nano wires. They are similar to electrical wires, but extremely small with a diameter that is less than 100 nanometers. In fact, they can be as small as three nanometers. They come with many unique properties appropriate for various applications.

These quasi-one dimensional substances have been attracting a lot of interest for research. This is because they have showcased superior thermal, mechanical, optical and electrical properties. Just like the traditional wires, these wires are manufactured from a wide variety of conducting and semi conducting materials like gold, copper, silicon, silver and many others.

They can also be made from carbon nanotubes. Molecular wires are also made from inorganic and organic molecular units. They have become the fundamental building blocks in nano science technology from biological and chemical sensors to logic circuits and field effect transistors.

A nanowire is a structure with a diameter in nano. It is technically explained as a ratio of length and width being more than 1000. On such a minute measurement scale, the effect of quantum mechanics becomes important. So, the term ‘quantum wires’ has been coined, There are different types includes insulating, semi conducting, metallic and super conducting.

How to synthesize and buy nanowires

You can easily buy nanowires online or through shops. But it is important to choose the product with high quality. Read on to find out how exactly. Basically, there are two approaches. A bottom up approach and a top down approach, in the latter method, a large piece of the substance is reduced to small sizes. In the former method, it is formed by combining the substances with Ad atoms. This is the widely followed approach.

The laboratory techniques used are common and include VLS growth, vapor deposition, electrochemical deposition and suspension. The ion technology enables the growth of segmented and homogeneous wires with 8nm diameter.

A suspension wire is manufactured in a high vacuum chamber. In VLS (vapor liquid solid) growth, crystalline wires can be produced using feed gas like silane or laser ablated particles with the help of a catalyst such as liquid metal nano clusters. In the solution synthesis technique, the wire is grown in a solution. A super critical fluid like toluene, which is an organic solvent, is fed with materials like Germanium and silicon. Another method followed is to grow without these wires without using catalyst.

Popular applications- reasons to purchase nanowires

It is used in electronic devices by replacing carbon nanotubes. They can be used to sense chemicals and proteins during experiments. The sensing of silicon nanowire devices using FET improves a lot compared to the normal devices. Real time bio sensors for cancer detection, detecting nitro aromatic explosives are a few examples.

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Hey, this is Rishikesh Chavan. After I came to know about the various advantages of nanowires, I decided to buy nanowires through online outlets for better deals.

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