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Perk up your Appearance with a Mastopexy

Author: Jamie Opielski
by Jamie Opielski
Posted: Nov 26, 2013

Drooping or sagging breasts can take a toll on the overall appearance of a woman, which is why she should consider a breast lift with a professional female plastic surgeon in San Francisco.

With age, women and men alike tend to lose the elasticity of their skin. In the case of women, this causes the breasts to sag and lose their shape. For such women, mastopexy, or a breast lift surgery, from a female plastic surgeon in San Francisco can help restore the youthful firmness and shape to the breasts.

The breast lift involves surgically moving sagging breasts upwards on the body to enhance the overall appearance of the woman. During the procedure, some of the excess skin will be removed so that the breast tissue does not hang so low. The mastopexy procedure is performed after the administration of general anesthesia; therefore, patients will be unconscious during the entire course of the procedure. During the surgery, an incision is made into each breast. Although, surgeons commonly use the “anchor-shaped” breast lift and the “doughnut mastopexy” techniques, the incision technique will depend on the shape and size of the patient’s breasts and the surgeon’s preference. After an incision is made, the areola and nipple are relocated higher up on the breast. Some of the skin and tissue is also removed and the incision is closed using sutures.

One of the questions that a female plastic surgeon in San Francisco is commonly asked is about the recovery period. Women recover from the mastopexy procedure within days and usually are able to get up and do their daily activities even the day after the surgery. However, lifting and bending will be difficult. Based on how you feel, and your individual health condition, a patient would be able to return to work in about a week’s time. Immediately after the procedure, the patient may be required to wear a surgical bra for a few days and then a support bra for a few weeks after the procedure. After the procedure, it is common to see some bruising along the incisions, but the appearance of these will diminish in about a week. During the three months after the procedure, breast lift scars will appear quite prominent but this will fade with time.

The best candidates for the mastopexy procedure are those who have realistic and reasonable expectations. The breast lift procedure with a female plastic surgeon in San Francisco will definitely give a woman perkier and fuller breasts that sit higher up on her body. While they may not be perfect, they will look far less droopy or deflated than they did before the surgery. Patients should also remember that, although, the scars will not be that prominent, permanent scarring should be expected.

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