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5 Top Things That Make a Wig Look Wiggy

Author: De Novo Hair Llc
by De Novo Hair Llc
Posted: Nov 18, 2015
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Wigs of years past have truly given wigs a bad name. So much so that when one’s hair does not look natural or flattering, we tend to say that it looks wiggy. Don’t want others to spot your wig from a mile away? Here are our 5 top things that can make a wig look wiggy.

1. The Wrong Density:

Hair density refers to the thickness of hair on a wig or exactly how much hair is used to make the wig. Though it is common for entertainers and celebrities to sport voluminous and grandiose hair, this trend will probably come off as wiggy for the everyday woman. What works for one will not work for all but, generally, an excessive amount of hair can make a wig look unnatural. Next time you’re shopping, take your own mental survey of women’s hair within your view. You will probably find that many women may have long hair, but the hair being both long and very thick in density is a rarer occurrence. If you purchase a lace wig and the density is more than what you are used to, don’t worry as this is an issue that is easily fixed. Hairstylists know how to thin out wigs and many times, the thinning is only needed in just a few areas to help frame your face for the most natural look.

2. No Illusion of a Scalp:

Do you have unusually thick hair and many people think that you’re wearing a wig? That’s probably because your hair is so thick, your scalp is nowhere in sight. Likewise, when it comes to wigs, no matter how beautiful it is, when we have no visual of a scalp or the illusion of a scalp, the wig will look wiggy. You can eliminate this problem with full lace wigs. Silk top and monofilament panel tops are very natural looking as the materials mimic the look of a scalp. For full lace wigs without these features, you can wear a wig cap under your wig to create the illusion of a scalp. If you have partial or full hair loss, the lace simply resting against your own scalp will do the trick. For a super natural look that does not scream wig!, try to show off at least one part in your styling.

3. The Wig Just Does Not Fit:

When it comes to wigs, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Some people have small heads, some people have medium head sizes and others have large head sizes. What happens when someone with a small head is drowning in a large wig? Yes, the bulkiness of the extra material will make the wig look wiggy. One potential problem with buying in stock wigs at a local beauty supply is that stock wigs typically only come in one size, and in sizes that typically err toward smaller heads. If your wig is too big or too small, it can bunch up at your crown or always be crooked because it keeps shifting in position. Your wig will look wiggy with a bad fit. You should shop for full lace wigs with a minimum of your circumference measurement (the measurement going around your head and behind your ears). It is best to pick out wigs that are within your circumference range. For example, if your circumference measurement is 21 inches, you can usually get a decent fit with anything between 21 and 21.5 inches, nothing more. The best option for fit is to custom order your lace wig. Custom wigs are designed on your full head measurements so there is no bunching or shifting of the wig. With a good custom fit, the wig will lay as flat as possible and blend in seamlessly with your own hair or stand alone as a full hair replacement system.

4. Unnatural Hair Types:

Synthetic wigs have come a long way and there are good quality synthetics that better match the colors and textures of natural hair. Synthetic hair has its uses and varied benefits; however, there is no comparison in versatility and quality when it comes to how it measures up to natural human hair. Human hair wigs do not give that unnatural looking shine that synthetic hair is well known for. Human hair can be styled any which way with flat irons, curling irons, rods and rollers and the style does not hold a permanent shape. Just wash and condition your human hair wig, and you’re ready to re-style. Human hair on full lace wigs also move and flow beautifully in the wind like naturally growing hair. A synthetic wig will not have that flawless movement and can sometimes be identified as such from the back of the person because of the hair’s stiffness.

5. Poor Styling:

If your wig is sitting like, well, a mop on your head, it probably is looking wiggy. Most wigs will need a little contouring and be cut to frame your face. Even when you buy an already styled wig, it is best to have a hairstylist make minor tweaks to the cut to highlight your best facial features. This step is not always necessary but custom cuts can take a wig from average and wiggy to amazing and undetectable.

About The Author:

De Novo Hair LLC was established in an environment that paid little attention to the hair loss needs of women. Though over 50% of women experience hair loss at some point of age. The hair loss industry tends to focus mostly on the needs of men, with little resources for women, and especially women of color. A lot has changed in the industry since 2007, and competition has increased tremendously. De Novo Hair LLC, however, has maintained its commitment to providing quality human hair lace wigs to women to overcome hair loss and find fashion solutions.

About the Author

De Novo Hair LLC is a renowned provider of glueless human hair lace wigs for women. Here you can find a lot more for your hair loss needs.

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