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An Introduction to the Products made by Werlatone by Alex Benecs

Author: Ajay Das
by Ajay Das
Posted: Nov 19, 2015

There are many suppliers of high power, broadband RF coaxial components, and one of the best is Werlatone.

Started in 1965, Werlatone is the leading supplier of high power, broadband RF coaxial components. They specialize in a wide range of products, including coaxial directional couplers, 90 degree hybrid couplers, high power RF combiners/power dividers and 180 degree hybrid RF combiners/dividers. Since 1965, they have been creating products for various markets, including:

  • The military: Communications and EW, HF, VHF, UHF, S-Band and fixed, mobile, airborne and ship board
  • Commercial: AM, FM, VHF, UHF, Cellular, Digital UHF, satellite radio
  • Industrial: EMC, Medical, Semiconductors
  • Test and Measurement: Commercial test facilities, university labs, government test faciliities

This company is dedicated to creating the highest quality products and it is their dedication to creating such excellent products that they have earned the reputation as one of the most respected suppliers in the RF supplier industry. To learn more about the company and the products that they make, keep on reading.

Products by Werlatone

This company is one of the most reputable producers of high power RF devices that are largely used in the military, industrial, commercial and test and measurement industries.

Werlatone creates a wide variety of designs, including:

  • High power, multi-octave performance, including DC and 6 GHz frequencies, as well as 5 W CW to 100 KW CW power
  • Mismatch tolerant designs, including operate, at rated power, into severe mismatch
  • Tolerate extreme environment conditions, which are designed or tested to MIL STD specifications
  • Tolerate severe input unbalances, of which the majority of the designs are able to tolerate full input failures
  • Non-magnetic circuits, which are suitable for MRI applications
  • RF transformers, which are constructed for applications that are 50 Ohm or more

The company can make both in-building applications, as well as custom designs.

Some of the products that they distribute include the following:

  • The Werlatone Mismatch Tolerant RF – The directional coupler, RF combiner and RF dividers are designed to operate continuously at rated power into high load VSWR conditions, without causing damage. These products provide customers with the ability to instantaneously combine multiple, non-coherent channels into a single output.
  • The Werlatone 90 degree Hybird Couplers – These products provide as much as 17:1 bandwidth capability at high power. They are ideal for RF components for emerging RF amplifier and antenna designs.
  • Absorptive filters – These products minimize instability, which is often found in excess in-band ripples and false-triggers of power-detector circuitry because of reflected harmonics. Thanks to these filers, the risk of damage to power amplifiers is eliminated as a result of high-power energies that are outside of your band.
  • 3-port UNI-directional coupler – This product consist of a main line and a coupled line. One end of the coupled line is internally terminated, while the opposite end acts as a coupled port. They are intended for sampling and monitoring power in one direction at any given time.
  • 4-port bi-directional coupler – This product is very much like the 3-port uni-directional coupler, however, both ends of the coupled line act as coupled ports. They are great for simultaneously monitoring both forward and reverse power.

The products that this company make are all extremely high quality, adhere to strict safety standards and have proven to be beneficial for use in a wide range of capacities.

About the Author: Alex Benecs works in the industrial sector and he has been using products from Werlatone for years. He wouldn’t us products from any other supplier.

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