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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Kimchi Flavored Seaweed Korea

Author: Park Ji Hae
by Park Ji Hae
Posted: Nov 20, 2015
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Seaweed resembles slimy spinach, but this densely growing green or brown sea vegetable is very rich in nutrients and carries a lot of health benefits. These benefits include health of the digestive system, lowering of cholesterol and weight loss. In fact with seaweed like nori, kelp or kimbu you need to eat very small amounts in order to get all the vitamins and minerals. As people have come to know of the high nutritive value of seaweed, it has become popular as a snack in many countries including Korea. A lot of different flavors are added to seaweed to make it tastier such as kimchi flavored seaweed in Korea.

Dietary fiber

Alginate is a natural fiber found in some varieties of seaweed like kelp and it helps in improving digestion and reducing the absorption of fat. According to a study led by scientists Dr. Lain Brownlee and Professor Jeff Pearson at Newcastle University it was found that seaweed reduces the digestion and absorption of fat by more than 75%. Fiber also helps a person to feel full faster and prevents over eating. These findings indicate that if you add seaweed to your diet it can help to lose weight and lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the body. Kelp is available in different edible and tasty forms due to seaweed snack manufacturer in Korea.

Essential nutrients

Just like other vegetables seaweed contains necessary minerals and vitamins needed by the body in the form of a balanced healthy diet. According to some experts only one gram of seaweed is sufficient to get your daily dose of iodine which a mineral playing a critical role in the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. At the same time, a type of brown seaweed called Kombu contains the pigment fucoxanthin, which helps the body to metabolise fats for energy. It is also believed that one serving of seaweed contains more calcium than that contained in broccoli and is almost as rich a source of proteins as legumes. The other nutrients in seaweed include vitamin B 12 and vitamin A. All these nutrients are found in almost all flavored seaweed snacks where the manufacturers of these snacks also manufacture Hongki seasoned laver in Korea.

Heart healthy fats

Healthy fats are an essential part of a balanced diet. Seaweed provides heart healthy fats which are popularly known as Omega 3 fatty acids. One sheet of seaweed contains the same amount of omega 3 fatty acids equal to two avocados. This type of fat helps to improve healthy HDL cholesterol levels, while it lowers harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Omega 3 fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Availability of seaweed snacks

Seaweed snacks are easily available in health food stores and if you don’t want to trudge around in physical stores then you can search online for these popular snacks. There are many online stores specializing in seaweed snacks along with flavored and seasoned laver. You can place the order for the desired product on these websites and make the payment through safe gateways.

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Humanwall is a leading red ginseng, hongki seasoned laver & seaweed snack manufacturer in Korea. They develop & supply high quality products worldwide. They Iso 9001:2000 certified supplier.

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