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Buying a 3 Door Wardrobe from an Online Furniture Store

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Nov 21, 2015
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A house needs furniture to make it comfortable and inhabitable while the bedroom in the house needs a wardrobe for keeping clothes. The furniture in the bedroom is never complete without a wardrobe as it is an essential part of good living. It helps you to hang your dresses from hangers in order to prevent them from getting crumpled and unfit for wearing. The piece of furniture can be extremely convenient if it is a 3 door wardrobe. You can open your wardrobe to see all dresses and suits at a glance and choose the one that you want to wear to the party.

Construction of furniture

A wardrobe can be of varying widths although the height of all wardrobes is almost the same. The height of a wardrobe is usually around seven feet which is a convenient height to reach with outstretched hands. The width of the wardrobe may vary according to your requirement. A wardrobe normally has two doors with half of the wardrobe dedicated for hanging clothes while the other half is equipped with shelves. The 3 door wardrobe is an extension of a 2 door job where there is an extra portion for hanging clothes. It not only increases the storage space but also is more convenient.

Styles of construction

The wardrobes that have 3 doors can have various construction designs just as the 2-door one has. All the three doors can be designed to open on the same side, or two consecutive doors can be designed to open on one side while the third one on the opposite side. Any one of the doors can have a mirror installed on it for providing a view of how you look in your dress. The third portion can have an upper part and a lower part. Different types of wood may be used in their construction giving them different finishes and color.

Availability of furniture

The choice of buying the wardrobe rests completely with you. You can go to the nearest furniture and purchase one that suits your style. Inspection can be done at the store itself whether the piece of furniture has any manufacturing defect or not. You can pay for it with hard cash and then arrange for its transportation with a transport agency. Manpower has to be arranged for lifting the wardrobe down from the truck and installing it in your bedroom. You can check for any damage that may have occurred during transit and call up the store to send somebody to repair. Or you can simply place an order on an online store at

Placing online order

You can browse the website of the online store and decide on the model you like best. Placing the order for the 3 door wardrobe online and paying for the item by credit card through the website is no problem at all. You will get the wardrobe delivered to your doorstep and installed by expert technicians who can repair any damage occurring during transportation. Everything will be done by the stores without lifting a finger from your side. It is true that you will be unable to check for any manufacturing defect before the wardrobe arrives, but you have the option of returning the material if you are not satisfied with it.

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Author: Raviraj Mane

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