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GoPro Hero Video Action Cameras & GoPro Accessories

Author: Nick Coulson
by Nick Coulson
Posted: Nov 23, 2015

If you have seen those fast-paced videos shot from incredible angles showing insane stunts on a bike or a wakeboard, you have probably wondered how they manage to pull off such incredible shots. If you attempted to replicate them with your iPhone camera or camcorder, the results would have been less than spectacular. Even a modern DSLR is not well suited for action photography. If these traditional options do not seem to be living up to your expectations anymore, a GoPro can come to your rescue. Your search for the most professional grade camera in the market for amateurs like you comes to a happy end with GoPro’s wide range of options for both cameras and accessories. In fact, the GoPro cameras are perfect for professional use as well with their flagship models offering features and value at par with other professional gear.

GoPro cameras have been a force to reckon with since their inception in 2002 by a Nick Woodman, who returned from a surfing trip to Australia with the notion that normal cameras are just not good enough for capturing high-speed sports like surfing. He was already working on the first GoPro prototypes at the time. What he wanted was a camera that was not specifically designed for professionals but could be used for professional quality videos and pictures. He started GoPro with this ambition, and the company is now a multi-million dollar manufacturer of small form factor action cameras, and accessories. GoPro has made professional photography and videos accessible to the average photographer, which in this age of social networking includes just about anybody.

What makes GoPro cameras so popular with the masses? Some say that it is just good marketing that has pushed it way past being just another player in the market. However, GoPro cameras are in a class of their own with their consistently high-quality products that come ataffordable prices. When you add the ease of use and wide list of features, it is little wonder they have become the most popularname when it comes to small form factor action cameras.

Some of the iconic GoPro cameras:

  • GoPro HERO 35mm: This was the first GoPro camera launched by Nick Woodman. An all-season sports model, it used a roll of film and was launched in 2004. It soon followed up with forays into video, wide-angle photography and HD
  • Digital HERO5: Not to be confused with the upcoming Hero5 series, this was essentially a 5MP Hero in a waterproof casing. It was the first GoPro model to use a 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • Hero2: This was the first major addition to the product line. This 11-megapixel camera brought features such as low light capability and 1080p@30fps recording
  • GoPro HERO4: This range came with 12 MP CMOS sensors, f/2.8 aperture with added Bluetooth connectivity. The Hero4Black is their most feature-rich camera to date
  • GoPro Hero5: This is the next widely anticipated series and speculations suggest it will come with 8K ultra-HD video recording and be waterproof up to 60 meters

GoPro cameras are also supported by a wide range of accessories made by GoPro themselves along with a large number of other manufacturers. You can find any accessory that you want for a GoPro – mounts, lens filters, cases, battery packs, cables, SD cards, and replacement parts. Accessories are also available for all kinds of uses and applications from high speed and high action sports like biking and sky-diving to more special needs like RC planes and drones or music and concert recordings.

Even since its inception, GoPro has revolutionised the action photography industry. With cameras like Hero5, GoPro is all set to take it to the next level.

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Gerry Gibbs Camera House offers a full range of quality products from digital cameras, video cameras to lenses and films available at great prices.

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