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Buy wholesale loose diamonds that are not blood diamonds

Author: Adrian Rocker
by Adrian Rocker
Posted: Nov 26, 2015

Diamonds are perfectly capable of taking your breath away. This gemstone may be a by-product of carbon, but it simply dazzles its way through the world and makes people game in awe, admiration and jealousy. Most people cannot afford to buy diamonds because of their high price tags, but there is a way to reduce the cost of these stones when you choose to buy wholesale loose diamonds. Yes, you can buy cheap loose diamonds and there are sellers who sell these stones at a much lower price than what you would pay in the retail market.

Whether you buy cheap loose diamonds or diamonds from the retail market, there is one point you need to keep in mind – you should not, under any circumstances, buy conflict or blood diamonds. The problem of the conflict diamonds first came to light in 1998 when it was discovered that people were forced to mine rough diamonds, which would then get sold in the world market to finance wars against governments. The term blood diamond is used to denote the fact that the miners are forced as slaves to mine diamonds and there is a huge human rights issue here. Kimberley Process is the process through which these diamonds are identified and there is an effort to stop the shipping of these diamonds.

Some of the countries that are notorious for mining conflict diamonds are Sierra Leone and Central African Republic. Worldwide scams were documented and released related to the diamonds mined in these two and some of the other African countries and embargos were put in place. But has that totally stopped the mining of conflict diamonds? The honest answer is no. Despite all the sanctions and checks in place, these diamonds still find their way into the world market. One of the issues with the Kimberley Process is that it doesn’t consider cut diamonds – the process is only applicable to rough diamonds. So, the moment these diamonds are shipped and cut, the Kimberley Process ceases to apply.

When you choose to buy wholesale loose diamonds, you may buy rough or cut diamonds. If you intend to buy rough diamonds, you must know about the Kimberley Process and find out what it is all about. You would be doing a lot of people a lot of harm if you knowingly or unknowingly buy conflict diamonds. You cannot even imagine the atrocious conditions in which people are forced to mine these diamonds.

For a buyer interested in wholesale loose diamonds, it is not always possible to identify whether they are buying conflict diamonds or not. When you are in the process of buying, the seller will give you a certificate that the cheap loose diamonds have not been mined through slavery and they are not tainted by the blood of these poor people.

When you buy wholesale loose diamonds, you get to save a lot of money. But before you decide to buy cheap loose diamonds, make sure they are not blood diamonds. This is the least you can do for these poor people.

You save a lot when you buy wholesale loose diamonds ( ). However, ensure you don’t buy cheap loose diamonds ( ) that are actually blood diamonds.

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