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Points to Consider While Buying Essential Oils Australia

Author: Aymeric Maudous
by Aymeric Maudous
Posted: Dec 01, 2015

If you have just started delving into the practice of aromatherapy, a main concern is to locate a trustworthy source to buy Essential Oils Australia. We look into many things while determining the quality, before we begin purchasing.

  • Firstly, while buying Essential Oil Sydney, you must consider that it is described by the botanical name. Of course you must also note the common name of the oil. Owing to the botanical name, the botanical source of that oil can be known. If the botanical name is not included by the seller, you cannot be sure as to what is being purchased is good for therapeutic use or not.Take into consideration Lavender Essential Oil for illustrating the importance of botanical name when you choose to purchase the oil. If the product is having just a label of ‘Lavender Essential Oils’ it must not be considered. Further lavender oils must be described by its genus and followed by the species. Apart from the species, there are other genus oils as well in the market. One species is not necessarily better as compared to other and it all depends on the therapeutic use. Since there are several essential oils are seen produced from the entire plant, there are various oils, the extraction of which is seen from a plant’s specific part. In the initial research of the specific oil with regards to the particular therapeutic use, a good resource book would state as to which part of the plant is used in the process of extraction. Owing to this reason, the information must be available readily to the consumers.
  • Secondly, note down the country of origin. The therapeutic potential of Eucalyptus from Australia is different from that found in South Africa. Refer to the resource book and know the difference between different species as well as the aromatherapeutic properties that are associated with them. If the intention is general use, it is critical to know the country of origin.
  • Look for information with regards to the method of extraction that is used for capturing the essential oil. Solvent extraction and steam distillation are 2 methods that are most utilized but there are other ways as well. The specific process must be used for labeling the essential oil.
  • Don’t let the distributor force you because there are words such as ‘Essential Oils’ on the bottle. Be certain that the product is not diluted or modified with an additional carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba. In addition, there are various products that are sold as essential oils Sydney but are nothing more than fragrance oils or synthetic oils.
  • If you are a professional aromatherapist, additional details such as the strength of essential oils, batch number and expiry date doesn’t matter at all as oils are being dispensed to patients in clinical settings. If the company that is being considered for making the purchase has these variables along with the major 4 points, stay assured that the product that is being considered is a high-quality and a pure essential oil that is intended for therapeutic usage.

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The writer is an expert in the field of Essential Oils with focus on Sydney Essential Oil Company and Young Living Essential Oils Australia etc..

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