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The New LED Technology for Automotive Headlight Lamps

Author: Joseph Wagner
by Joseph Wagner
Posted: Feb 01, 2016

LED lights are all over the place nowadays. You would have heard of the various applications of the LED technology, the traffic lights with LED bulbs, the prettier and brighter LED glow lights for cars, the automobile LED tail lights, the corner lights and the stop lights of Mercedes or a BMW etc. You must have also seen the new super bright LED headlights for automobiles and the latest daytime lights make with LED bulbs, a trend started by Audi. The new moment has arrived in the lighting industry, especially in the automobile sector. All automotive giants such as Toyota, BMW and Audi are all working overtime and actively creating the next application of LED lights, one of which is the LED automotive headlight lamps.

The evolution from the halogen bulbs to the LED lights means a lot of improvement on the kind of lighting system that can be made available to the automobiles. The LED bulbs offer s whiter and brighter lighting output options and additionally they are also long lasting. In fact they last four times longer than halogen bulbs and also consume very less energy on the whole despite providing brighter light. It is no wonder people prefer LED lighting although the costs upfront at definitely on the higher side. Many automobile manufacturers have moved on to LED glow light for cars in recent times. They have done this as they have realized that the brighter and whiter lighting output is bound to offer better visibility for the drivers. Thus this can contribute towards an overall safer environment on the roads for everyone.

Besides super bright LED headlights today you also have switch back LED strip lights. These are a step further from the normal switchback bulbs. This is actually an entire strip of super bright lights from LED bulbs that can be placed inside the headlight. You can also get LED halo rings in the switchback models. These strips and halo ring imitate the Audi lights and that of the BMW cars. These are basically six times whiter and brighter that the conventional rings and really have not blind points. The switch back lights function by switching the colour back to back. They can change between amber yellow and xenon white. Theses lamps are also called dual function LED lighting. They light up to xenon white when the car is position or parking mode and flash to yellow amber when the turn signals are one. These are designed to give the driver peace of mind as they are very technologically advanced and highly efficient. Installing these lights make the vehicle safer and also ensures that you car looks very stylish. This kind of switch back LED lights an also be used as daytime running and turn signal lights, if you so wish. These lights are available in a number of sizes now and hence can be accommodated in a number of vehicles irrespective of the year of make, the model and the manufacturers. Thus you can customize your automobiles to make them look elegant and also contribute to the safety on the roads.

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I am Joseph Wagner from Guangzhou, China. I work at Ledo which is maintained through outstanding brand reputation, providing you Led bulbs and lamps for your cars that has a superior quality and is expert in production and marketing.

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Author: Joseph Wagner

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