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6 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Author: Rajeev Sahadevan
by Rajeev Sahadevan
Posted: Dec 06, 2015
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No one in the whole world can love without expecting to get something in return except for dogs. Making an obvious statement, dogs are faithful companions and they depend on us for supporting them when needed. To help your canine friend lead a healthy life, get to know their health problems and the signs they display which can help you to assist them whenever needed.

1. Ear infections

It is one of the common dog health issues and can be caused due to allergies, bacteria, ear mites, ear canal, yeast etc. Few of the symptoms include ear odor, head tilting or shaking, lack of balance, redness in ear canal, brown/yellow or blood discharge, swelling etc.

Immediately take your dog to the Vet. In general cases, cleaning and medicating can rapidly work on the infection and alleviate the symptoms.

2. Worms

Whipworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms etc. are few of the common parasites that attack your canine. Note that while any of the above worms can make your dog uncomfy, few such as hookworms can prove fatal in puppies.

Few of the symptoms include weight loss, rough and dry coat, poor appearance, diarrhea, change in appetite etc. Do not try to solve the issue yourself. This is because a medicine that can kill roundworm cannot kill tapeworms. So make sure to contact the Vet.

3. Fleas and ticks

Fleas if left untreated can transform into an infestation. It is quite a common health issue and fleas can easily grab hold of a dog. However the treatment is quite easy such as topical spray, shampoos etc. apart from medication.

Look out for symptoms such as hot spots, excessive scratching, biting or licking of the skin, hot spots, tapeworms, flea dirt etc.

4. Acute moist dermatitis

Known as hot spots, notice for any visible red and inflamed areas on the skin. Basically bacterial skin infection, it can irritate your dog craving him to itch or chew on the affected area.

Treat them as neglecting them can lead to growth of the fungi spreading thereby. Vet will provide you with topical medications to apply or antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids etc.

5. Vomiting

Though the symptoms are common, the causes can be dangerous, for instance kidney failure, heatstroke, poisoning etc. If your pooch is showing symptoms such as abdominal heaving, drooling, feeling lethargic, then take him immediately to the Vet thus inhibiting life threatening dehydration.

6. Diarrhea

If your dog is vomiting with continuous diarrhea, then underlying causes may include intestinal parasites, stress, parvo virus to name a few. Read more from BM tone up gold for dog diarrhea

Always make sure that your canine stays hydrated by providing clean water available. Still if the problem persists, take him to the Vet.

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