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How Motivational Speakers Can Help You Overcome Negative Thoughts

Author: Ryan Holliday
by Ryan Holliday
Posted: Dec 08, 2015

How often have you been enveloped with negative emotions and unable to shove them off despite trying your best? This tide of negativity can trigger a depressive mood that brings pain and unpleasant consequences in its wake. If you are struggling with such a dilemma, perhaps it is time to seek help from a motivational speaker.

Role of a motivational speaker

A motivational speaker can help you avoid despair and hopelessness by ingraining a positive attitude. This not only energizes but also increases your confidence in yourself to tackle the emotional issues at hand and arrive at solutions with relative ease. Read on for a few ways on how motivational speakers can help eliminate the negativity in your mind.

  • Focus on Positivity: If the mind is clogged with negativity, the speakers can help you focus on what may go right. Adverse thoughts enter and gain momentum if you constantly ponder over them. The experts weed out the depressive thoughts before they become entrenched in your mind.
  • Keep Positive Company: When stuck in a negative mode and burdened with troublesome thoughts, motivational speakers advise you to refrain from hanging out with cynical or negative people. In fact, listening to such a speaker and surrounding yourself with optimistic folks who have a happy disposition will bring tremendous results. They can help put things in the right perspective by clearing your mind of nagging thoughts.
  • Extend Help to the Needy: Another thing that these experts advice is to be a Good Samaritan. Helping someone in need diverts the mind. Pessimism fades away in the presence of love and kindness. Virtuous and kind deeds not only arrest negativity from spiraling but also create a natural defense mechanism against unpleasant thoughts.
  • A Smile Can Make Your Day: If you find yourself reflecting on negative emotions, recall a happy event. Motivational speakers teach you simple hacks such as standing in front of a mirror and forcing yourself to smile or laugh loudly. Believe it or not, this ‘hoax’ works wonders. Apart from changing the mood instantly, the exercise eliminates the tension and makes you feel light and free.
  • Do Not Over Analyze: It’s a common habit with some people to be over analytical about everything. They spend a lot of time mulling over and misconstruing what someone said or did. This nurtures negativity. Motivational speakers help you snap out of this mode or help you to seek clarifications instead of trying to infer intentions that were never meant.
  • Temporary Barrier: Motivational speakers, psychologists and other experts say that pessimism that shrouds people from time to time should be accepted as something that is temporary and will pass. It’s best to move forward rather than dwelling on unbearable thoughts that will simply bring more negativity into your life.

It’s no easy task to remain in a positive frame of mind when negativity threatens to fly out of control. According to motivational speakers, negativity can become dangerous when it consumes people and starts breeding like mushrooms. It is an emotion that is sometimes difficult to overcome, but people who can perceive a positive element in an adverse situation thrive and live a happier life in the long run. Talk to a motivational speaker to get out of that shell of negativity that surrounds you and lead a healthier, happier life.

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This resource is provided by Relevant Speakers Network. Contact if you are looking for Motivational Speakers for High School Assembly Programs.

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About the Author

This resource is provided by Relevant Speakers Network. Contact if you are looking for Motivational Speakers for High School Assembly Programs. For More information visit –

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