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A New Jersey vein center Describes “Image-Guided” Vein Surgery

Author: James Mathew
by James Mathew
Posted: Dec 09, 2015

At New Jersey vein center, all of our vein treatment procedures are minimally invasive, which means they can be performed on an outpatient basis, with no need to go to a hospital or experience lengthy recovery times. Another way we make sure New Jersey vein disease treatment is easy and successful for our patients is to use ultrasound guidance, or image guidance, to help us target the treatment to the exact veins where it is needed, for the best aesthetic and health results possible.

What do New Jersey residents need to know about image-guided vein disease treatments?

The goal of all of our treatments is to either remove the diseased vein or to deliver a treatment to the vein that causes it to seal shut and gradually disappear. To be most effective, the treatment needs to be delivered to precisely the right vein and avoid damaging any healthy veins in the area. Ultrasound-guided procedures are used when the veins to be treated are harder to locate and pinpoint. Using ultrasound, your New Jersey vein specialist gets a clearer picture of the veins in your legs, and can accurately target the treatment to just the vein or veins that need treatments. In this way, you’ll experience not only the elimination of your varicose veins, but also the elimination of the accompanying symptoms, such as aching, pain, or swollen legs and ankles.

How do I know if image-guided surgery is right for me?

The first step is a visit to our New Jersey vein disease treatment center, where we can offer you a professional venous health evaluation. Ultrasound can also be used during this evaluation, as it helps us better visualize the veins deep beneath the surface of the skin. That way, we can better select the most effective treatment for your particular condition. At this examination we will also take a thorough medical history, because your family history can play a strong role in the development of vein disease. Finally, we’ll ask you some questions about your job and your lifestyle, as lifestyle factors can also contribute to vein disease. Armed with all this information, we can provide you with a treatment plan that will be effective in reaching both your health and your aesthetic objectives.

So don’t wait another day. If you’d like to know more about vein disease treatments or just about overall vein health, please contact us at New Jersey Vein Center at 973-419-5511. We look forward to meeting you.

Author Bio: A Vein Laser Center In Nj and Nyc Varicose Vein Doctor describes "image-guided" vein surgery and whom it is best for.

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