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Build and craft the perfect chicken coops for your pet

Author: Larry Page
by Larry Page
Posted: Dec 10, 2015

Chickens give us eggs, meat, a hearty laugh and good times. Contrary to their everyday dietary requirements, we need to give them a strong, steadfast shelter that guards them from the enemies and bad weather. So, in order to putting a roof on their heads, you have to look at the assortments of sizes, shapes and designs of chicken coops. They can be crafted from a series of materials for an assortment of purposes. The several types of coops include portable poultry shed, chicken arks and classic chicken house, you can select from. Before we go any further, let’s dig deep into the various types of coops.

  • The chicken arks: It is used in cases where the birds cannot move around comfortably during the day because of predators, worried neighbours or the town’s decree. The arks offer sunlight while the chickens are sheltered. They even let you move it to where you scrape your flock. The tiny enclosures can be moved to fresh grass. The birds can be given the chance to enjoy the sun and eat their meal to their heart’s content. The arks are perfect for 12 birds. You can either get from the market at an affordable price or build it yourself with the required tools. If you need any sort of help, then you can browse through a number of images of well crafted arks. • Poultry shed: They are plain, reasonable design that is not difficult to make. To make it more proficient, you can craft them on skids so it can be easily moved. It can also be crafted on piers to offer more protection from the land predators and enhance their lifespan of the house’s wooden pedestal. Windows can be crammed with bits of fibreglass that can be taken off for ventilation during the summers. The shed incorporates roosts, feeders, nesting boxes and room for a waterier and enclosed space for cargo space for feed and provisions. • Classic chicken coop: The pattern of the coops stands the test of time. It is not difficult to clean and sustain. The chickens are safe from all intruders with sturdy wire mesh at the bottom and strong wood creation. The insides have a built in roosts and nesting boxes that have retractable windows for heat and air. If you need a few more ideas, then you can easily look at the designs and patterns on Egg shell.

Speaking of Egg shell, they are the brand behind some of the biggest retailers, breeders and farms that sell chicken houses, chicken runs and trimmings in UK. If you want any sort of information on homes for your chicken, you can easily get in touch with them.

Looking at the several types, you need choose and decide what is best for your chickens. Every animal is like family and need to be treated with respect. For more information, visit:

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