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A Manhattan Sleep Center Explains How to Keep the Holidays from Wreaking Havoc on Your Sleep

Author: Nick Johnson
by Nick Johnson
Posted: Dec 10, 2015

Ah, the end-of-year holidays. We all look forward to celebrating them, but at the same time most of us remember previous years, and that all the eating, drinking, and staying out late can wreak as much havoc on sleep patterns as they do on our diets. With this in mind, in this article the NYC sleep specialists from our Manhattan Sleep Center offer a few tips to help you get through the holidays without overdoing it.

As difficult as it may sound, try to maintain a normal sleep cycle

Yes, we know that your holidays are going to be packed with parties and get-togethers that will tempt you to stay up later than usual. And yes, we know that you'll have days off from work, which will tempt you to "sleep in" longer on those days to "make up for" staying up and partying too much the night before.

Unfortunately, both staying up later than usual and "sleeping in" disrupt your sleep cycles, and can lead to daytime drowsiness and sleep deprivation. The best thing you can do to maintain your sleep equilibrium and get enough quality sleep during the holiday period is the same thing you should do during non-holiday periods. That is, you should try to develop a regular sleep schedule and try your best to stick to it. As much as we might like to deny it when we're trying to party like it's about to be 2016, our bodies thrive on regular cycles, the more regular the better.

Also, watch what you eat and drink

Although this can be difficult to do during holiday parties and family meals, try to avoid eating heavy meals and drinking alcohol late in the evenings, within three hours of your bedtime. Eating too much can keep you awake and lead to insomnia, and drinking alcohol too close to bedtime can cause frequent awakenings during the night, resulting in lighter, less restful sleep.

Having a "winding down" routine before bed is more important than ever

Yes, we know that you'll be coming home late from parties and thus tempted to dive straight into bed, but if you've followed our tips before and developed a kind of "quieting down" period before bedtime, it's even more important that you pay attention to it during the holidays than ever. Don't watch TV or go Internet surfing, because the light from the screens will impair your sleep and keep you awake. Instead, read a book or listen to music or take a relaxing bath.

In our experience as NYC sleep doctors, we have found that paying attention to these simple tips can help you get through the busy and sometimes trying holiday period without feeling like you need a vacation afterwards. That's why we're passing these tips along, as our way of wishing you a happy holiday period, and a joyous new year.

Author Bio: Doctors from a Manhattan Sleep Center and Vein Treatment Manhattan offer some important tips on how to celebrate the coming holidays without altering your sleep patterns.

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