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A Karmic move out of her comfort zone by Nidhi Saxena

Author: Devesh Chawla
by Devesh Chawla
Posted: Dec 11, 2015
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A woman who achieved what she dreamt of even after getting a high paid salary, she started from the roots to establish her wishes.

Being a good job that gives you a fat cheque every month is something most of us dream about. The money impresses family, relatives, friends and many others find themselves envying you. This point according to many describes a happy person with a happy life and you are more than happy to listen to people praising your good marks for the hard work that has set up everything right in your life.

So was Nidhi Saxena, she has worked with various multi-national companies for six years and everything was going well career wise when she decided to quit and start up her own business. She had to let go her fears of not being able to being able to launch a great company. Believing in her abilities was the element that gave her strength of thinking of the bright future she could set up for herself and many others who would be benefitted from it.

Her idea was not the one that could find roots immediately; she had to ensure that her startup was cemented correctly. she had to learn the basics, research immensely on the topic, do her homework regularly to build up what she has structured today. Nidhi Saxena set up a contract research organization with expertise in Oncology Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Neurology. Her organization, Karmic solutions conducts clinical trials and provides clinical data management to pharma companies, like Novartis International, Bayer AG, and Cipla. The rest of the details of a business was mastered by her after entering the business world.

Her idea big or small was not established in a day, it took her three years to understand the concept she was going to sell in the market. Although she started setting up her baby in 2005, she saw the foundation being finalized in 2008. She could have easily settled in her comfort zone and not think about becoming an entrepreneur, but her passion for the field never fazed away the entrepreneurial spirit within her. Shifting your job from great companies that are feeding you with everything you require does not strike everyone easily. Comfort zone cuddles everyone and moving away to a startup of any kind is not an easy task. You don’t get the benefits instantly; you will have to wait for the fruits to ripe which take a long time and Ms. Saxena managed to have the perseverance to wait for the best to happen. She gave it the time, nurtured it by putting all her efforts and today the company has been good enough to be acquired by Cliantha Research.

She used her experience from various organizations to connect the nuts and bolts in her startup. She is in a continuous learning route and gives out what she has acquired through the process. Being among the first generation woman entrepreneur, she also believes in women empowerment and the need to address their needs. She talks about the need to be passionate about what you want to acquire, sitting back and only dreaming or think that your dream is too big does not reach you anywhere. It is the attitude of testing your dreams in reality that can do wonders for you.

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Author: Devesh Chawla

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