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Relevance Of Sustainable Development And Sustainable Adviser

Author: Marlon Kobacker
by Marlon Kobacker
Posted: Dec 11, 2015

Fifteen years back in the year 2000, the United Nations initiated the MDG or Millennium Development Goals. It was a set of eight targets that was discussed in detail and was passed by the United Nations that year. Some of the goals were reducing the extreme poverty and hunger into half or its extent, promoting gender equality and reduction of child mortalities by the end of the current year. Now in 2015 they have adopted SDG or Sustainable Development Goals that has as many as 17 targets and they will commit the member countries to action covering 15 years of sustainable developments. These actions are the domain of experts and that is why the relevance of quality sustainable adviser has grown considerably.

Learning from Past Experiences

What the member countries in United States look forward to is learning from past experiences. The results of MDG were of mixed nature. There was notable success in one area. As many as 189 member countries were able to reduce extreme poverty and hunger rates. However the success in achievement of other goals was not as encouraging as this one. Since the SDG is even more ambitious it is necessary that authorities implementing them take advice of expert sustainable advisers.

Sustainable Development in Commercial World

Like overall economic and development spheres in any country, the commercial world is also now turning towards sustainable development goals. In private domain the divergence of enterprises and the size and type of goals set is massive and it is essential that enterprises looking to achieve sustainable development goals need the support of best advisers like Marlon Kobacker could come up very handy for the enterprise concerned. While the core concept of sustainable development as put forth by United Nations is alienation of poverty at any rate in the same manner commercial organizations have the goal of sustenance in the fiercely competitive market and maximize their ROI. In either case expert support is essential and the relevance is even more pertinent in case of commercial enterprises.

Sustainable Development for Enterprises

For enterprises; whether large or small; sustainable development would refer to a few things. First of all the enterprise would be able to maintain and make known to the buyer communities its presence in the market. Secondly, it should be able to attract customers to buy their products and services marketed and in result gets improved revenue generation.

Responsible Commercial Activity

Sustainable development constitutes an integral part of responsible commercial activity and it enables the enterprise to manage effectively the impacts of environmental processes solving the problems of the customers in particular and the community in general. It means that the enterprise needs to satisfy the customer requests and respect their choices and preferences. Customers look for reliable and reputable supplier and projecting the enterprise as one is the core value of sustainable development.

These are tasks that apparently sound simple but are neither simple nor easy to accomplish. A seasoned sustainable adviser like Marlon Kobacker can help the client take the right steps in right direction and thus optimize the reputation, performance, and profits or the organization.

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