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Playing platform tennis? Here are few things to remember

Author: Fling Stone
by Fling Stone
Posted: Nov 26, 2013

Though lawn tennis is quite popular, an alternative for the game, platform tennis, has also amassed a lot of popularity. Also, this ping pong game is played during all seasons. During the winter months, this game is played on an aluminum platform which is raised above the ground. Underneath the ground, heated elements are put in to prevent the surface from freezing owing to the ice, and obviously the players. Screens standing tall at 12 feet hedge the court and these screens are integral parts of the game play.

Like platform tennis, even paddle tennis is also quite popular. Be it platform tennis or paddle tennis, ping pong balls are integral to the game apart from choosing the right racquet strings or tennis strings for the tennis racket. If you happen to be an amateur in the world of ping pong or platform tennis, there are several critical things that you need to bear in mind. The key thing is choosing appropriate footwear for the game. When you play platform tennis, it is not advisable to opt for standard rubber shoes. The shoes that you choose will be offering the required support for protecting against damage and injuries to the foot. Also, it is not even right to wear sneakers, running shoes, cross trainers or soccer shoes.

Unlike a game of lawn tennis, you do not have to wear any professional attire for playing platform tennis. However, it is good to wear the right apparel that offers comfort and enables complete freedom in moving while playing the game. Sports shirt and pants are advisable to wear. There are no written rules about the attire for platform tennis. However, it is a good to abstain from animal patterns and prints.

Another thing to keep in mind while playing platform tennis is to show the right respect to opponents. If you are a beginner, it is no excuse to act unprofessionally at the game court. When you are practicing the game, you should ensure that other players get an equal chance for practicing the game and using the facilities.

When the game is underway, you should refrain from crossing the cross at any suitable moment that you think is right. You should remember that each and every corner of the court, even the screens, are integral components of the game play and when you abruptly cross the court, you could end up distracting other players and affect the concentration of other players.

So keeping few things in mind can make you play the game professionally.

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