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Know everything about the golfer’s elbow, the common medical condition in Melbourne: Part I

Author: Martin Luther
by Martin Luther
Posted: Dec 18, 2015

Golfer's elbow or the medial epicondylitis is a severe medical condition resulting in aching and inflammation of the elbow joint. It is caused by the sudden or repeated twisting of the muscles in the forearm. The people of Melbourne experience it, quite often.

If you are feeling extreme pain while bending, flexing, swinging your fingers or wrist, then maybe you are suffering from the golfer’s elbow. Most of the people in Melbourne suffer from this thing. It occurs when the tissue of the muscles and the tendons of the arm bone at the elbow, damage due to overuse or excessive stress. These muscles control the wrist and the fingers, so this muscle damage affects their movement.

How does golfer’s elbow differ from the tennis elbow?

There is a lot of confusion about the golfers elbow in Melbourne, as there people often mix it up with the tennis elbow. The causes and the symptoms may be the same and treatment process is to some extent similar, but unlike the tennis elbow, the golfer's elbow occurs in the internal part of the elbow. While the tennis elbow happens on the external part of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow can be developed for sporting activities like lifting, weightlifting, golf, softball, etc. Tennis elbow can be developed from the activities which involve overworking like painting, carpentry, plumbing, cooking etc.

Which activities can cause golfer’s elbow?

The busy and fast lifestyle of the people of Melbourne, helps to generate the golfer’s elbow in them. The over pressure and the repeated movement destroys the wrist flexor muscles and the elbow tendons and result in pain and swelling of the wrist and the fingers. Some of the activities which lead to medial epicondylitis are given below.

Throwing sports- The inhabitants of Melbourne, love to play sports. But the incorrect pitching technique in some sports like archery, football, javelin, baseball or softball can cause golfer's elbow.

Golf- The name indicates everything. Melbourne people are fond of golf. Gripping or swinging clubs in a wrong way may damage the muscles.

Racket sports- The racket sports involve too much topspin, which can harm your elbow.

Weight training- Lifting weights in the wrong manner and twisting the wrists during a biceps exercise, can also lead to golfer’s elbow.

Some other reasons may include:

Inappropriate lifting.

Throwing any object suddenly.

An injury.

An accident or a sudden kick.

Unfamiliar hand activities like painting a fence, hammering, unlimited typing, raking, chopping wood, using a computer and cooking.

What are the symptoms of the golfer’s elbow?

If you can notice certain symptoms regarding your long lasting wrist muscle pain, you should consult a doctor immediately to identify if you are a victim of golfers elbow in Melbourne.

Excessive pain and swelling in the internal part of the elbow.

Difficulty in moving and lifting the wrist and forearm.

Ache during gripping, bending the forearm, flexing the wrist or making a fist.

Painful sensation on the inside bump of the elbow.

Weakness in the wrist.

Martin Luther has visited many pain relief therapy canters around Australia. During his visits, he has interviewed many healthcare professionals, according to them, many people are suffering from golfers elbow in Melbourne, but certain precautions can help them to cure it.

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