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FenFast 375 for Weight Loss

Author: Rajeev Sahadevan
by Rajeev Sahadevan
Posted: Dec 20, 2015

FenFast 375 is a fat burning dietary supplement. When used in the recommended manner it can quite be a miracle pill that helps you lose excess weight up to as high as 25 pounds in a month. That might sound outrageous but there are many who have got this whooping amount of weight loss with the product. I happened to have a friend who have tried this and let me share her experience with you.

How does FenFast 375 work?

Let us first see what FenFast 375 is supposed to do. FenFast 375 is basically a appetite suppressor and metabolic booster. The increase in metabolic rate helps break down more fat molecules and thus enabling weight loss. The fat burning releases much energy making you feel energetic and less fatigued. It will also make you feel good and happy. All you need to do is pop in one tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch every day. The appetite suppressing effects and happy mood will make you feel like eating less or reduce the untimely cravings. The extra energy will give you boost to extend your workout sessions. All these ways lead to natural weight loss.

What really happened?

Well, it didn’t do a miracle as expected. The feel of happiness was there but not the appetite controlling ability. But that really didn’t matter as she was not a great eater lately. Yes, she did have her occasional cravings, but the trick she did was to choosing to do her workouts during that time. She never had problems with the lack of energy, she had plenty that helped her to do more at the gym or run an extra mile. She never did stick with one type of physical exercise. It was a mix-n-match of gym, running and walking. She never had any complaints having the FenFast 375 pills.

The end result

The end result was that she managed to lose 7 pounds by the end of 2 months. That was not a fast weight loss according the product claims. May be that was just her. But the great part is that she did manage to break the jinx and got the much needed weight loss she intended to. Though that didn’t help her reach her goal but neither did it caused her to gain much either. She continued to take the FenFast 375 pills for another month just to see what happens. The rest was uneventful with just 2 more pounds in the month. Once she stopped the pills, she gained back 2 pounds but with her sheer will and hard work she still manages to keep the weight off and maintain the weight she achieved.


FenFast 375 is sure for weight loss but one must work hard to reach the goal. FenFast 375 is the perfect companion you need along with a strict diet and a will to work hard. Weight loss is something that must be earned, you reap what you sow.
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