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Maintain The Mischievous Twinkle In Your Child’s Eyes

Author: Eschool Travel
by Eschool Travel
Posted: Dec 22, 2015

A mother’s most prized- her child is considered as a blessing from God who charms each and every one with the twinkle of its eyes. Loving it unconditionally, she grows enamoured by her sweet baby but, when comes the time to begin the child’s education, one deep fear makes home in her heart. With escalating number of crimes in the city towards children, she fears the safety of her own child in this big bad world. She fears of all the disasters that can take place when travelling to and fro to school. And, though she understands the importance of education & proper schooling in shaping a child’s future, she fears reading her child’s name in the next day’s newspapers with an upsetting title. But, she understands the need of protecting her child and, as helpless as it may sound, she finds no way to end her misery. Thankfully, with new trends in technology and the ever evolving nature of science & technology in the world, the case is not so likely. To end the need of worrying mothers and to bring them closer to their child at all times has emerged a revolutionary application by the name Eschool travel. This unique and promising product of the company Javin assures to construct a virtual link between parents & children travelling in the school bus. Eschool travel app also serves as a base for school authorities to track all their school buses at one place. Eschool Travel aims to serve as a wholesome school travel application for parents as well as the school authorities. The mobile application can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.

A child’s eye shares the most unique, the most charming & the most utterly exciting twinkle with the world it opens into. It seeks adventures and magic at every step, the first being its mother watchful eye which it easily manages to dodge thanks to its mischievous giggle. The second when it starts going to school, skipping which becomes become its quest and when inside the School, dodging the teacher’s eye, missing classes, purposely coming late from recess, these tiny bits of indiscipline gifts the child with unmatched pride which it of course does not refrain from showing off in front of its friend. Such is school life- innocent, mischievous & rebellious.

Schooling not only shapes a child’s thinking but, also helps in developing a child’s personality and analytical skills. It strengthens it from inside. With proper education & guidance, a child can explore the highest limits of its potential. Schooling lends confidence, charisma & character and no amount of home education can beat this. Sitting surrounded by same aged kids, a child learns sharing, caring & competition. It redefines his conscience and opens its mind to be more receptive and, to top all it all, school time gives the dear mothers some free time and though a mother misses her child a lot, she endures the missing with a hopeful attitude, her child’s brighter future and success.

She understands an educational institution can provide her child the best of the world but, somewhere deep in her heart also pinches a sense of fear. While making the decision of choosing a school, she indulges caution as to the spirit of the school administration, their cooperation levels and their other policies to protect the children but, she also realises that not at all times will she get unrestricted access to her child and that in turn becomes bothersome for her. But, then again, with time she learns to cope with all the fears, for she has to set an example for her little one. The circle continues and continues with every passing day and soon her child is an adult and out of school.

Not the case for everyone though. With increasing crime rate in the country not every mother turns out that lucky or privileged. In a country with population rocketing to 1.277 billion and counting, the cases of crimes performed on children too is sky rocketing. According to, in 2012, nearly 27000 crimes were reported against children, in 2013, the number rose to 59000 and in 2014, it rocketed to a staggering 90000! And of this stalling figure, over 37,000 involved kidnapping and abduction and nearly 14,000 involved rape. The number of unreported crimes can only be imagined. And, amongst all these crimes, some were done near the school premises, when the child was returning to home.

As per, the recent case of crime against children was done on a Class III student of Seelampur, Delhi who was raped in the school premises by the school watchman after school hours, when returning after appearing for an exam. She had forgotten some of her items in the classroom and had gone to fetch them when the watchman blocked her way, took her to a gallery inside the school premises and raped her around 11 am. Shocking, right? With everything going smooth, we often forget that a horror does not come announced, it does not take permission before striking and not every face of a person can be read. One needs to take all kinds of caution to protect one’s children from harm. The market boasts of many products to enhance safety of children but, by far, the best product as of date is the Eschool travel mobile app of.

Eschool travel assures a child’s safe travel to school through empowering parents and school authorities with monitoring and tracking the school buses with just a single click on their smart phones. Such a wholesome tool, it takes pride in its other unique features too, like- live chat with driver, location access & numbers of all nearest hospitals, fire stations, police stations etc.

This Eschool travel mobile application thus has taken a big step towards improving child protection measures through the use of IoT methodology and GPS tracking. It promises the fulfilment of its tagline- Safe to School... Safe to Home. The application can be easily downloaded from the Google play store and with such reasonable subscription charges it can easily blend into every household’s budget.

Eschool travel is a newly launched mobile application product brought to the technology world by the company Javin, which is a team of experienced professionals that are revolutionising the smart phone world through their futuristic Internet-of-things based products. They believe in progressive innovation for creation of products that will assure a smarter living. Their prime focus is to provide enhanced, effective and simplistic user experience to their valued customers through continuous evaluation and our structured quality processes. Eschool travel pledges to take the smart phone era to a new and unmatched horizon. It aims to make the society a better and safer place for one & all, beginning with the future of the society- the school going children. It pledges to evolve parents into smarter parents and their kids’ school travelling into safer and protected travelling through their mobile application named- Eschool travel mobile app. It assures to end the jitters of all the mothers who get worrisome about their kids travelling to & from the school in the school bus. It promises to provide self-configured real time location updates of their child’s school bus along with the option of having live chats with the driver apart from serving as a directory of all emergency numbers and location updates of nearest SOS services like- hospitals, police stations, fire stations, etc. And, that’s not it, the application is much more comprehensive and useful than all the features detailed here. It’s motto, "Back to to home" they aim to achieve with the help of parents & school authorities, for the application does not only enable parents to track & monitor their child’s school bus but, also empowers the school authorities to closely monitor all of its school buses at once. Thus, through this impressively futuristic product, Eschool travel aims to bridge the gap between school buses & parents along with school buses & school authorities; not to forget, vice-a-versa.

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We, here at Eschool travel, pledge to take the smart phone era to a new horizon through our mobile application- Eschool travel app that aims to end the jitters of all the mothers who get worrisome about their kids travelling to & from...

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