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A Great Game Demands Good Coins Buy Excellent Carrom Coins Online

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Dec 23, 2015
carrom coins

The carom is a leisure game. You don’t need to move much and can play on a sitting or standing posture. The game has all the requisites to suit the leisure style of the maharajas. It is a very good pastime and needs minimum sports gears and no safety gears. Carrom is played on a square board normally; the size is 76 X76 cm, and the playing size is 73.5X73.5 cm. There three types of coins white, black and red. You can buy carrom coins online. Buy them from

Minting the coins

The coins have uniform dimension, and the maximum size is 3.18 cm, and the minimum size is 3.02 cm in diameter. The coin must be round shaped without any denting, and the weight of the each coin should be maximum 5.5 gram, and the minimum weight should not cross the 5.25-gram limit. The coins must move smoothly on the playing surface. A good quality coin set must be of uniform weight and shape. And good quality coin used in a game must have the same weight and the same size. The easy way to get a good set of carrom coins buy online.

Singles and doubles

The game is played either single or doubles. In the case of singles the opponents are in opposite side of the board, but in the case of doubles, the partners stand opposite to each other. That is in the case of singles match it can be either east vs. west or North vs. South. But, in the case of doubles match it is always east-west vs. north-south. The game has different variations. It is usually played with nineteen coins nine each for two sides and the queen. There will be nine whites, nine blacks and the red coloured queen in the game. You can buy all these carrom coins online.

Playing the game

Normally, the rule is to pocket all nine coins to win the game, but if the queen is still on the board, it also has to be pocketed. The case becomes tricky if the rule demands the Queen is to be covered; in that case, the side pocketing the queen must pocket one of his coins in the following strike; failing which the queen will be retrieved and returned to the centre circle. The side who can pocket all his coins wins the board. In India normally a match ends when one of the sides scores twenty-nine points.

The good coins

So, the coins are one of the most important factors in the game. You can understand that to pocket a coin there are many tricks. Your opponent can intentionally block the nearest pocket by one of his coins. So, you have to take difficult shots and try impossible angles. A good player is also a good geometer, a good knowledge of geometry and the idea of the movement of non-elastic bodies after the collision will help to undone the opposition strategy. Therefore, a good and perfectly shaped coin, equal in size and weight is required to guess the movement of the coins. You can now buy good carrom coins online.

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Author: Raviraj Mane

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