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Dressing up for workplace success: how to land your next promotion

Author: Sienna Haynes
by Sienna Haynes
Posted: Dec 25, 2015

In the business world, first impressions are last impressions. If you want to get that next promotion or the job of your dreams this New Year, you need to dress the part. And it starts with using the right accessories to let people know you are serious about yourself and your job responsibilities. For women, that means it is time to shop for handbags, shoes and clothing to get the look, improve your workplace relationships and get the job. In short, fashion apparel and accessories matter when building up a successful career. Yes, the clothes you wear and the fashion accessories you use do play a hand in your employment projections, salary and yourwork/life quality.

If you don’t know where to shop for must-have designer shoes and hand bags, consider a pair of Michael Kors shoes and a designer handbag to match. This luxury brand offers women a great selection of high-shine dresses and fabulous handbags that are both party-ready and highly professional. For the new year, business some may want to check out these sapphire, emerald and ruby natural stone Michael Kors shoes and bags. They will give your work fashion a pop of color so you can ring in 2016 with sparklingly style and grace. The best part about wearing Michael Kors at the workplace is showing your glamour while attending business meetings with ease. Never will you have to worry about wearing a set of work shoes and changing into a different pair of shoes for happy hour because the Michael Kors collection offers the best of both worlds for women who like both the work and play of being successful business women.

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According to, negative workplace interactions and experiences often result from poor appearance, negative emotions and the employee’s personality not being agreeable to the work culture environment. When your work attire is attractive, people at the workplace will see you as more likable, kind and socially appealing than unattractive or poorly dressed co-workers. Read up on your workplace dress code and see how you can make Michael Kors fashion statements work for you. This is important to review because your appearance will ultimately affect your professional presence. There is no such thing as overdressing for success.

Depending on your dress, some people visiting the office may believe you are the head of the organization by dressing the part. Eventually that assumption can become your reality because the way you dress at work can display how organized you are, your level of self-confidence and how others perceive you. Bottom line: don’t go to work as if you rolled out of bed. People want to work with and do business with professionals, not amateurs. This doesn’t mean you have to wear upscale fashion every day of the week or burn a hole in your wallet to buy expensive clothes and accessories all the time. It just means you need to buy fashion clothes and accessories which you can cycle through and still dress professionally. All it takes is spending a little more for high quality clothes, shoes and handbags than you do on cheaper clothes and fashion accessories.

By making that change, you will notice a positive difference when you better your appearance because you will feel more confident when you present yourself to others and hold your own in meetings. You may even notice your work productivity improve. All you have to do is step up your dress to boost your work productivity, confidence and overall appearance at the workplace. This little change of routine and presentation can help you reach the next level professionally. Good luck. Leave a comment to let the workplace examiner know how bettering your appearance has improved your career.

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