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An Overview of Crime Scene Cleanup

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Dec 25, 2015

In the aftermath of any violent crime, the victims are usually left with a great mess that they have to deal with. Think about broken glass, fingerprint dust and when it is worse there is blood and pieces of body tissue that needs to be cleaned and disposed of. Apart from the visible mess and damage, there is always the ever present danger of infection as a result of bio hazard waste. This is why after there has been a crime and the police have responded and left, there is need to contact a crime scene cleanup company; crime scene cleanup almost always falls into the following four categories:

Homicide Scenes: These are especially traumatic injury cleanup situations. Cleaning up of murder scenes will involve the removal, cleaning and disposal of all the items that got contaminated with bio hazardous materials such as blood, body tissue and other blood fluids. The technicians are highly trained experts who know how to track down and remediate all areas that

Burglary Scenes: Most victims of burglary will be in a state of stress in addition to agitation; what with the feeling of violation and the ever lingering threat that comes as a result so that the victims find it difficult to go back to the scene. Professional crime cleanup companies are able to ease this type of pain by removing every form of evidence related to the crime. These highly trained professionals are able to spot some undiscovered evidence of the crime that the police could have missed out on.

Fingerprint Dust Removal: Unknown to many people, there is nothing as annoying or time consuming as trying to get rid of fingerprint dust from a scene of crime. You may have seen how liberal crime scene investigators are with the application of fingerprint dust so as to ensure a very thorough investigation. Fingerprint dust is fine and will spread easily and stick to just about anything; trying to clean fingerprint dust without the help of crime cleanup company technicians will actually make the problem worse.

Blood Cleanup: Perhaps the most dangerous part of crime scene cleanup is the aspect that involves bio hazard cleaning and elimination. Blood, body tissue and body fluids are known to carry dangerous pathogens and the risk of blood borne diseases; only trained blood cleaning technicians should ever be allowed to clean blood and other body fluids. Blood and body fluids very easily penetrate walls, floors, furniture, ceilings, carpets and upholstery. These blood cleanup technicians are trained in all blood cleanup methods and when necessary, they will even remove parts of the carpet, the sub floor or ceilings to remove all signs and blood and body fluids in order to eliminate any lingering odors.

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