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The Top Seven Movie Theatre Snacks Under 150 Calories

Author: Fun Works
by Fun Works
Posted: Dec 28, 2015
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From Junior Mints to popcorn, most people simply cannot enjoy a movie without some movie theatre snacks. Unfortunately, those bags of chocolate and buttery popcorn can severely compromise your diet. Before you despair and miss out on the full movie going experience, here are the top seven snacks you can enjoy for under 150 calories.

Life Savers:

Ten of these delicious fruit flavoured candies should see you through most of the movie, but they will only cost you 114 calories. Just don’t get over excited and start crunching or they won’t last through the movie previews.

Junior Mints:

These deliciously sweet minty chocolate treats are the ultimate movie snack. 14 mints adds up to 140 calories. Don’t worry if you have the remainder of a box left at the end of the movie as you can make some Junior Mints cookies when you get home.

Jelly Beans:

For 150 calories, you can enjoy 25 deliciously fruity jelly beans. Although calories will vary brand to brand, Mike and Ikes beans are the equivalent of 6 calories each. However, some brands may offer an even better calorie deal. For example, Jelly Belly Beans are only 4 calories each, which means that you can squeeze in another 12 for the same 150 calories.

Sno Caps:

Boxes of Sno Caps are always readily available in American movie theatres, and you can snack on three tablespoons of caps for 136 calories. This will allow you to enjoy a deliciously chocolatey snack during your movie without worrying about the calorie cost.

Rainbow Twists:

Rainbow Twists are deliciously chewy and fruity, making them perfect for chomping on during even the most action-packed movie. Fortunately, you can enjoy 9 Twizzler Twists for just 141 calories.

Jelly Dots:

Little jelly treats like Yogurt Dots, are an ideal cinema snack. These bite sized treats will only cost you 11 calories on average, which means you could enjoy 13 or 14 for your 150 calories. Each variety will vary slightly according to the particular brands, but generally, you will be able to enjoy at least a couple of handfuls without you paying for it on your hips later.

Chocolate Caramel Popcorn:

A trip to the movies is not completed without popcorn. Just because buttery calorie laden corn is off the menu, it doesn’t mean that popcorn is off the menu. Flavoured varieties such as chocolate caramel popcorn are packed with taste without all those calories. Typically, you can enjoy a cup of popcorn for approximately 150 calories.

As the big blockbusters of the season start, there is no need for your diet to go out of the window. With these great snacks, you can enjoy a full movie experience with only 150 calories.

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