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Join Kickboxing Training Academy to Find your Real Strength

Author: Chapmaro Chelle
by Chapmaro Chelle
Posted: Jan 04, 2016

Learning self-defense strategies is very important these days not only to save you from any attacks, but also to become more confident and powerful to face the challenges of life. With self-defense techniques you not only become tough physically, but also mentally. The kickboxing training academy offers different programs and styles in martial arts that truly make the candidates more fit and strong to defend themselves in the real world scenario. The Jeet Kune do classes are designed based on Bruce Lee’s philosophy in martial arts and teaches the techniques of self-defense along with using weapons and also defending against a weapon. The Jeet kune do classes are offered not only for individuals but also military personnel and law enforcement recruits who can further enhance their skills through this training period.

The Brazilian jiu jitsu training is also a different style of martial arts that focus on self-defense, competition and also artistic expressions through the techniques. The academy offers these training sessions in a fun and easy to learn way, making the candidates powerful in all aspects, whether being fit or learning the ultimate techniques of the martial arts. The firearms training academy helps candidates to understand their innate power and helps them to become stronger both psychologically and physically to effectively face the real time scenario. Along with martial arts programs, they also focus on enhancing the fitness levels of the candidates through special fitness boot training program as it is very much essential for the candidates to maintain their fitness to perfectly learn the martial arts techniques.

The candidates can join the combat cardio kickboxing sessions which offer the ultimate fitness classes where the workouts are designed to enhance the technique while hitting the heavy bags or swing a dynamic kettle bell. This fitness program would surely make one lean, healthy and strong to achieve perfect results in the martial arts training sessions. All the programs are designed for adults and anyone above 18 years can join the classes by registering themselves with the kickboxing training academy. In fact, one can also checkout with the free trial classes to choose the programs that suits to their style. Though each program comes with a different technique the advantages like losing weight, stress relief and developing a real world skill set is all the same in any program.

Jeet Kune do classes. Find the best self defense and martial arts training classes at xtremetrainingacademy. Here you can learn martial arts like to provide Jeet Kune do and brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with effective techniques and strategies from professionals. To know more details, please do visit our website.

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Here you can get the self-defense classes either in private sessions or as a seminar. For more information on our self defense training classes, please visit us online at

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