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Eating french fries in serving baskets? icing over the cake

Author: Master Business
by Master Business
Posted: Nov 30, 2013

Out of billions hardly you can find anyone who does not prefer to have French fries. A meal will not be complete without tasting French fries. Be it restaurant, home or parties French fries features in every one of these. An occasion will not be auspicious if the menu for food does not have French fries.

It can be made easily in home and the cost of making this in home is very less compared to those available in restaurants. French fries can be made either by frying it in frying basket or in oven. Steps for making a French fries are-

  • Choose potatoes which are in good condition without any damage and is also starchy in nature. Starchy potatoes are sweet to eat so it is preferred over other varieties available at here
  • Remove the outer layer of potatoes if you wish to do so. This is an optional step and depends upon you whether you are going for it or not.
  • Then comes stripping of potatoes. Strip according to the size you desire. Stripping can be done with the help of machine or also with a knife. Make sure the knife is sharp. The size of all the strips, if same will be better.
  • Submerge the stripped potatoes in water when you are on the process of stripping others. This will prevent the stripped potatoes from going brown.
  • Wash the stripped potatoes properly and then put it in oil so as to get it fried. Generally the time for getting it fried is for three to four minutes. When the potatoes are ready done with frying and salting, keep them in French fry baskets and add charm to your delicious stuffs.

Another type of making these fries are making them in oven. Health is the factor when you go for making these fries. French fries made from baking are considered to be healthier as these are not fried in oil.

After the fries are made then the next task is taste. Before keeping the fries in French fry basket, spread it on table over a soaking paper so as to take out the oil from it. Then mix it with salts and pepper according to the amount you desire and then keep it in basket.

Baskets of various shapes are made from different types of steels as well as wood. Stainless steel forms a basic component in making of most of these baskets as it is cheap as well as durable. Baskets with handles are getting popular these days as sauce can be placed there and thus need for additional equipment is reduced. Courtesy to skilled workers for making various designs possible.

French fries form the beginning of a party in short it is a starter for a party to begin. Thus for serving these many serving baskets are also there so that it looks nice when anyone serves this to their guest or even in restaurants and hotels.

Thus make the most of your hangouts with aid of French fries and quench your hunger with this. will certainly make you feel of having more of these when you look at their fabulous designs of baskets.

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