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Ignoring the Early Warning Signs

Author: Alester Brown
by Alester Brown
Posted: Dec 25, 2013

If you are above thirty years of age and in a recent visit to one of the Palm Bay dentists have been diagnosed with gum disease then you are one of the 64.7 million Americans who suffer from similar ailment called periodontal disease. If you are lucky it may be a simple gum inflammation that can be reversed and at worst it might result in damage to the tissue that supports the teeth resulting in their loss.

Early warning signs

It also means that you were ignoring warning at two different stages. The first one is that you have allowed the formation of plaque and tartar and then ignored occasional inflammation of the gums called ‘gingivitis’ and has eventually resulted in the current gum disease called Periodontitis. Palm Bay dentists say that this condition could be easily avoided and that depends totally on how you take care of your teeth and gums regularly.

Mouth breeds bacteria

It is no news that our mouths are a fertile ground for breeding bacteria. Due to lack of good oral hygiene the bacteria along with food and other particles form a sticky plaque on teeth which is initially colorless and escapes our attention. This plaque can be easily removed thus avoiding the formation of tartar. Once you allow the formation of tartar simple brushing and flossing would not help and you need the help of Palm Bay dentists to get rid of plaque.

Dealing with Gingivitis

Bleeding while you brush your teeth is not taken with all seriousness that it warrants. One reason for this is that many people live with such condition for long periods and in many cases there is very little pain associated with bleeding gums. Even when people are told that it could be gingivitis, they put off the visit to the dentist until they are confronted with serious gum problems. According to extensive research in this field it is not just the lack of oral hygiene to blame for gingivitis. Gum problems as is the case with almost every disease associated with genes. In fact almost thirty percent of the genes in the human body are affecting the onset and healing process associated with gingivitis. The other factor that may aid gingivitis is the hormones and this is evident during the teens, pregnancy and menstruation. Apart from these certain anticonvulsant drugs and diseases like diabetes are said to be associated with gingivitis. People above thirty years of age are prone to gingivitis or Periodontitis. Poor oral hygiene that leads to plaque and tartar lead to bleeding gums which if ignored may result in Periodontitis a serious condition leading to loss of teeth.

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This article is written by Alester Brown. Being in the field of hospitality for years, she has gained a lot of practical knowledge. She writes regular articles and uploads them for the people to understand the basics of the health niche which usually people don’t know. This article about Palm Bay dentists and Palm Bay emergency dentist clears a lot of doubts that we usually have.

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