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The cheapest graphics for Fallout 4 and the cheapest graphics card for League of Legends.

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Jan 09, 2016

It is a common misconception that gaming entails a sequence of adventure and action packed sequences in which the men march with guns blazing. Though such games often claim a major number of gaming aficionados, the prospect of games helping us the boundaries of reality into a world of fantasy has rarely been explored and stressed upon. Fallout 4 and League of Legends, which exemplifies the penchant for the fantasy world, are one of the best gaming platforms for the current generation. Hence, it is a matter of absolute necessity that the graphics would be adequately suited to portray the detailed gaming scenes while going easy on the pocket. Keeping this in mind, we decided to find out the cheapest graphics card for Fallout 4 and the cheapest graphics card for League of Legends.

The Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios is made to cater to the fantasies of those who like the adrenaline rush associated with everything post- apocalyptic. A hit since its very inception, Fallout 4 testifies to the popularity of the previous three games released by the developer being the grandest in the plot scheming and landscape detailing. A role playing action game carried out in the open world, you have the all encompassing power of creating a new world from the after effects of a holocaust. Since you will be the only survivor, you don’t have to duck through crowds of people and can simply dedicate your time to gathering resources for the creation of an empire. It would provide action by moving to the past at the time of the nuclear holocaust on 23rd October, 2077.

Quite similar to the apocalyptic films, you have to portray the image of a wronged man trying to seek revenge for his spouse’s death while trying to find his son. From feral ghouls to mole rats and super mutants, you are bound to be hooked to this one for hours on end. Though a high end computer is always welcomed, a budget friendly graphics card can help you with the detailing on the wasteland. At 50$, GeForce GX 610 allows you to enjoy and build the new world of Fallout 4 at medium settings but the GeForce GTX 970 at $290 is probably the cheapest graphics card for Fallout 4 which with its 4GB memory can function at ultra settings and allows you to enjoy the game in the way it was meant to be played while consuming far less power.

The League of Legends, on the other hand allows you to move to the age of classical antiquity in Rome with gladiators. Since it is a multiplayer gaming platform, there can be unexpected twists and turns at each gaming session. As you keep on playing, you can level up and unlock rune slots that would eventually help you in the increase of the champion abilities. There is the game play level and the user account level so that you would never feel restricted. You can even purchase armors and magic charms within the game should the need arise. If scheming and strategizing is your forte, this one with its 3D engines is definitely the one for you. The best part is that no matter whether you buy the budget friendly graphics card functioning on medium settings, you would never be disappointed with the graphics on The League of Legends. However, since this game can involve amongst ten players at the most, the computer might find it too hard to handle and lag behind. To rectify this problem, even the cheapest graphics card for League of Legends can give glorious results at max settings and a couple of special effects thrown into the mix.

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The cheapest graphics card for fallout 4 might not give you the results you graphic and detailed images that you desire while the cheapest graphics card for league of legends might suffice. Hence, it might be wise if you invested in the higher value graphics card for Fallout 4, which would smoothly operate in the case of League of Legends, rather than buying a low priced one and enjoy only a moderately gratifying gaming experience.

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