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Advantages and downsides of economic process

Author: Shivani Manchanda
by Shivani Manchanda
Posted: Jan 12, 2016

The world has become smaller and nearer, all due to economic process. the trendy blazing word, economic process is that the merger of the house country with the globe economy.

Globalization pulls the countries out, from their detachment into the competitive world. A journey towards new collaborations and unity, it's modified the globe into a world village. each distance and isolation are marvellously reduced.

Globalization integrates trade, technology, investments, and also the mobile factors of production like labor and capital. all sorts of products starting from Coca-Cola, Sprite, Joe Louis Philippe shirts, Marie Claire baggage, Police dark glasses, to Adidas and Greek deity shoes square measure all obtainable in each market globally, all credit to economic process.

Globalization has been quite debatable subject. whereas some square measure of the opinion that it's lots of ill-effects upon the society, there exists others WHO feel precisely the opposite. Some opine that it's created life extraordinarily easier and cozy. it's but affected the customers and businesses otherwise. For a higher image, allow us to take a glance at a number of the benefits and downsides of economic process.

Advantages of economic process


Considered mutually of the foremost crucial blessings, economic process has LED to the generation of diverse employment opportunities. firms square measure moving towards the developing countries to accumulate labour. This clearly caters to employment and financial gain generation to the folks within the host country. Also, the migration of individuals, that has become easier has LED to raised jobs opportunities.


A very essential advantage that has assisted the population is that the unfold of education. With various instructional establishments round the globe, one will move out from the house country for higher opportunities elsewhere. Thus, integration with totally different cultures, meeting and learning from numerous folks through the medium of education is all thanks to economic process. Developing countries or labour-intensive countries have benefited the foremost.

Product Quality

The onset of international trade has given rise to intense competition within the markets. now not do i notice restricted range of commodities obtainable. a specific trade goods could fetch many choices with totally different costs. the merchandise quality has been increased thus on retain the shoppers. nowadays the shoppers could compromise with the worth vary however not with the standard of the merchandise. Low or poor quality will adversely have an effect on shopper satisfaction.

Cheaper costs

Globalization has brought in fierce competition within the markets. Since there square measure varied merchandise to pick from, the producer will sustain only the merchandise is competitively priced. there's each risk that a client could turn to a different producer if the merchandise is priced extortionately. 'Customer is that the King', and therefore will dictate the terms to a really giant extent. Therefore, cheap evaluation has benefited the patron during a good way.

Free Movement of Capital

Capital, the backbone of each economy, is of prime importance for the correct functioning of the economy. Today, transferring cash through banks is feasible simply by the clicking of a button, all thanks to the electronic transfer that has created life terribly snug. several vast corporations square measure investment within the developing countries by fixing industrial units outside their home country. This ends up in Foreign Direct Investment, that helps in promoting economic process within the host country.


Information technology has vie a significant role in transportation the countries nearer in terms of communication. each single info is definitely accessible from virtually each corner of the globe. Circulation of knowledge is not any longer a tedious task, and may happen in seconds. the net has considerably affected the world economy, thereby providing direct access to info and merchandise.


Considered because the wheel of each business concern, property to numerous components of the globe is not any a lot of a significant downside. nowadays with numerous modes of transportation obtainable, one will handily deliver the merchandise to a client settled at any a part of the globe. Besides, different infrastructural facilities like, distribution, provide chain, and provision became extraordinarily economical and quick.

International Trade

Purchase and sale of commodities aren't the sole 2 transactions concerned in international trade. Today, international trade has broadened its horizon with the assistance of business method outsourcing. generally so as to focus on a specific section of business it's a follow to source bound services. Some countries follow trade with least restrictions on EXIM (export-import) policies. This has tested helpful to businesses.

gross domestic product Increase

Gross Domestic Product, normally referred to as gross domestic product, is that the cash worth of the ultimate merchandise ANd services created inside the domestic territory of the country throughout an accounting year. because the market has widened, the scope and demand for a product has raised. Producers inform their merchandise and services per the necessities of assorted economies thereby sound the untapped markets. Thus, the ultimate outcome in terms of monetary gain enhances the gross domestic product of the country. If statistics square measure of any indication, the gross domestic product of the developing countries has raised double the maximum amount as before.

Disadvantages of economic process

Health problems

Globalization has given rise to a lot of health risks and presents new threats and challenges for epidemics. a really customary example is that the dawn of HIV/AIDS. Having its origin within the geographic region of continent, the virus has unfold like conflagration throughout the world in no time. Food things also are transported to numerous countries, and this can be a matter of concern, particularly just in case of putrefiable things. the security rules and also the standards of food preparation square measure totally different in numerous countries, which can create a good risk to potential health hazards.

Loss of Culture

Conventionally, folks of a specific country follow its culture and traditions from yesteryear. With sizable amount of individuals entering into and out of a rustic, the culture takes a backseat. folks could adapt to the culture of the resident country. they have an inclination to follow the foreign culture a lot of, forgetting their own roots. this will make to cultural conflicts.

Uneven Wealth Distribution

It is aforesaid that the made are becoming richer whereas the poor are becoming poorer. within the real sense, economic process has not been able to cut back impoverishment. Instead it's LED to the buildup of wealth and power within the hands of a couple of developed economies. thus the gap between the elite and also the deprived appears to be a ne'er ending road, eventually resulting in difference.

atmosphere Degradation

The industrial revolution has modified the outlook of the economy. Industries square measure exploitation natural resources by suggests that of mining, drilling, etc. that puts a burden on the atmosphere. Natural resources square measure depleting and square measure on the verge of turning into extinct. Deforestation is practiced as a result of the non-availability of land, thereby drastically reducing the forest cowl. This successively creates AN imbalance within the atmosphere resulting in global climate change and incidence of natural calamities.


Though economic process has opened new avenues like wider markets and employment, there still exists a inequality within the development of the economies. Structural state owes to the inequality created. Developed countries square measure moving their factories to foreign countries wherever labor is cheaply obtainable. The host country generates less revenues, and a significant share of the profits make up the hands of the foreign company. they create whopping profits thereby making an enormous financial gain gap between the developed and also the developing countries.

Cut-throat Competition

Opening the doors of international trade has born to intense competition. This has affected the native markets dramatically. In recent times the quality of living has improved. folks square measure thus able to deal more money for a product which will be obtainable at a cheaper price. this can be attributable to the trendy promoting techniques like advertising and disapproval. The native players thereby suffer vast losses as they lack the potential to advertise or export their merchandise on an oversized scale. thus the domestic markets shrink.


Every economy needs to be at the highest spot and be the leader. The fast economies, that's the developed countries square measure vying to be the supreme power. it's given rise to coercion and different sorts of violence. Such acts not solely cause loss of human life however conjointly vast economic losses.


Monopoly may be a state of affairs whereby just one vendor encompasses a say during a specific product or merchandise. it's doable that once a product is that the leader in its field, the corporate could begin to take advantage of the customers. As there exists no shut competitors, the leader takes full advantage of the sale of its product, which can later result in illegal and unethical practices being followed. Monopoly is black because it widens the gap between the developed and developing countries.

In the current state of affairs, the key to international success is international promoting. international promoting is that the ability of AN economy to plug its product in virtually each country. it's of utmost importance if the merchandise should build a mark and sustain globally. A auto manufacturer in one country can manufacture its product during a totally different method than a auto manufacturer in another country. however if each the makers wish to sell their automotive during a third country then it should have a world charm. international promoting has created familiar to the client the existence ANd advantages of a product within the market giving the merchandise an identity. At an equivalent time, it's didn't detain mind the requirements and desires of each shopper, that square measure unlimited and several other.

Advantages of world promoting

Lower promoting Costs: If we tend to square measure to think about the lump-sum price, then it's clearly high, however an equivalent price sky rockets if the corporate should market a product otherwise in each country. international promoting has down the price marketing|of promoting} as there exists a uniformity in selling the merchandise.

international Scope: The scope of world promoting is thus giant that it becomes a singular expertise. Full credit to the modern technology, the scope and reach of a product has become extraordinarily wide.

complete Image: customers nowadays square measure a lot of brand-conscious. international promoting permits to possess an identical image in each region wherever the merchandise exists. This aids the customers WHO square measure extraordinarily brand-loyal with regard to bound merchandise.

fast and economical Use of Ideas: during this fast world, solely a world entity that's able to use a promoting plan and style it into a method, to implement on a world scale, are often undefeated.

Disadvantages of world promoting

Inconsistency in shopper Needs: international promoting should be able to adapt to the requirements of customers settled in numerous countries. the requirements of AN yankee shopper are totally different from a South African shopper. A troublesome decision, failure to handle it ends up in dangerous promoting skills.

shopper Response Inconsistency: shopper responses square measure totally different and vary from shopper to shopper and country to country. A shopper in one country could react otherwise compared to a shopper in another country.

Country Specific: A Japanese would possibly sort of a product to possess a standard bit, whereas AN yankee would possibly prefer to have a retro trendy look to that. during this case, a world strategy for an equivalent product is troublesome to plan.

The Laws of the Land: the corporate policies is also per the laws of the host country. so the overseas laws could conflict with the corporate policies.

Infrastructural Differences: Infrastructural facilities in one country is totally different from another country. this might hamper the method in one country and accelerate in another. international strategy can not be consistent in such a state of affairs.

Like a coin having 2 sides, economic process too has its pluses and minuses. Currently, economic process is at its peak. Industries sound the new markets ought to detain mind the native culture and sentiments of the folks. Monopoly by large players should not be practiced and also the native players should not be suppressed. truthful trade dealings and moral practices once followed, would continually prove that economic process may be a boon and not a scourge to society.

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