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Site Clearance Maidenhead Branch Removal Services

Author: Alison Reid
by Alison Reid
Posted: Jan 15, 2016

It is really not easy to do branch removal work if you are not a specialist. If you decide to do it, extreme care must be exercised not to bruise the tree bark or interrupt the way the tree heals itself naturally. To be totally sure that you are doing it right, seek assistance from the tree services Maidenhead companies. These site clearance companies in Maidenhead know just what needs to be done to remove a dead branch while protecting the rest of the tree. Planning your work ahead is important even if you intend to hire a professional to do it on your behalf. By so doing you will estimate the total cost of having a dead tree branch cut off and make sure that a poorly healing wound would not be created. An experienced tree services consultant understands the way trees heal. Instead of healing while exposed, a newly pruned cut is hidden from disease-causing microorganisms by a callous tissue that looks more like a scar.

It grows from the outer edges towards the middle until it seals the entire wound. This tissue forms over the cut and besides preventing diseases it also keeps the wound from decaying. As well the scar tissue does not disintegrate since its work is to protect the tree so it can keep on growing. You need to work with a great site clearance Maidenhead specialist to ensure that you do not end up with a non-healing pruning cut. This expert thinks when cutting a big tree limb and then uses the right equipment.

The correct types of cuts include the notch cut. This sort of cut is tiny and is created on the bottom of the limb, about two to three feet away from the trunk. The reason why a notch cut is made is so that the bark would stay intact when the next cut is made. The relief cut is the next cut that the best tree services technician should make. It is made on the outside of the notch cut and it penetrates the branch totally.

As a result the relief cut eliminates the weight of the tree branch, ensuring that the final cut would not split and collapse the branch. A final cut is the most important as it determines whether a healing or a non-healing cut would result. This cut must be aimed at the swollen bump and the best way is to saw from bottom up. Alternatively, fit your saw into the crotch and cut at a right angle. A highly dependable site clearance Maidenhead professional will know how to avoid common mistakes when cutting off dead branches.

To begin with, they will not cut the branch too short, or into the branch collar, as the scar tissue will not form easily. And if it does not the tree will not recuperate quickly. When the collar is cut the tree will develop seeping wounds and rotten holes might as well form in the trunks. On the other hand your tree services maidenhead expert should not leave the limb should too long. The important thing is to leave only the branch collar and remove the limb totally; otherwise the collar will not produce the callus tissue.

We are the best branch removers in Maidenhead and if you are looking for site clearance Maidenhead ( ) services we are the best ones. As well, we offer the best tree services Maidenhead ( ) area can produce. Feel free to come to use for assistance.

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