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Intrauterine Contraceptive Device - Pros

Author: Mohit Dedhia
by Mohit Dedhia
Posted: Jan 16, 2016
prevent pregnancy

An intra uterine device is a form of long lasting contraception method for women. It is a small device that is put inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Don’t worry, it is reversible process. It is available in the copper and hormonalform, and is an effective procedure. A copper IUD is made out of plastic and has a copper wire tightly wrapped around it. Alternatively the hormonal IUD is a device that contains progesterone that is released into the uterus under control. IUDs prevent pregnancy. Protection from sexually transmitted infections is not covered by IUD’s. The best way to ensure safety against STI’s is using contraceptive barrier methods like condoms.

Advantages of an Intra uterine Device

  • The intrauterine device is 99 % effective in preventing pregnancy.
  • The copper and hormonal type lasts at least five and ten years.
  • There is only need to check up on it once a month.
  • It is possible for any doctor to remove it.
  • It does not interfere with libido.
  • There is no effect on breastfeeding.

How does the intrauterine device work?

An intrauterine contraceptive device is a small device which automatically fits on the inside of your womb. It has no effect on the libido. The removal threads emerge from the cervix and curl up inside the vagina. It does not hang loose. The main aim of the IUD is to prevent the fertilization of the egg. The copper or the progesterone on the IUD prevents the access of the sperm to the egg. However even if the egg is fertilized the IUD prevents the implantation process. It is a very effective device. Out of a survey taken, only one in hundred women with an IUD will get pregnant each year in The United States Of America. It is absolutely suitable for women with light periods; however a copper IUD may make a period more painful. Women who have had earlier symptoms of infectious diseases should not use an IUD. Hormonal IUD’s are suitable for periods that are heavy in nature.

When can you insert an IUD

An IUD can be installed at any time. It cannot be inserted if you are already pregnant. However if you are on your menstrual period, it can be inserted. Six weeks after the child is born also it can be inserted. An IUD can be inserted during the process of surgical abortion. Immediately after intercourse, it can be inserted as a precautionary measure. After an IUD is inserted, remember to check yourself after every period or at the starting of each calendar month. If pain and discharge occurs make sure to see a doctor immediately. The intrauterine contraceptive device can be removed very easily. The doctor inserts a speculum into your uterus and pulls the threads out. The IUD can be removed at any time of your menstrual cycle if you change your mind about pregnancy. It is better to avoid sexual intercourse at least seven days prior to the removal of the IUD.

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