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Vastu Tips to Create balanced family relations

Author: Dhanwant Singh
by Dhanwant Singh
Posted: Feb 19, 2016
every relationship

Do you know Vastu faults can create emotional instability which, in turn, lead to misunderstanding and breakups? Even a wrong placement of a mirror or of a painting of Radha-Krishna can attract extra martial affairs?

Irrespective of the social and economic success one may have achieved in life, a fulfilling healthy relationship is the key to eternal happiness. True and trustworthy relations keep our spirits soaring and give us a positive outlook towards all our endeavours.

Every relationship has a definite role to play in our lives. Each augments a certain aspect of our personality and helps us come closer to our dreams. Every relationship also has a unique set of desires, expectations and emotions involved.

So,how do you plan to effectively manage all the relationships that matter to you?How do you ensure that each one of them is in a healthy state? Which is the one critical factor that ensures presence of the very emotion required to maintain a relationship?

The common thread running along all of these aspects is your home – which as much shapes your consciousness and living as it is shaped by you. Your own home is responsible for generation of different emotions. And these emotions govern different aspects of your relationships.

You will be surprised to know that 16 Vastu Zones in your home dramatically control and influence your relationships. For example, South-West controls relationships between husband-wife, parent-children. Similarly, North governs relationship with clients. North-West governs relationships with Relatives who stand in your support.

As per MahaVastu, each emotionis a cumulative effect of four major aspects in your home –

  1. Direction of Entrance
  2. Direction of Rooms
  3. Balance of Five Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space)
  4. Effects of Interior Objects and appliances

If you want to enjoy bliss in your relationships and attract lots of wealth and prosperity in your life, then you must follow the Do’s and Don’ts given below:

  1. If main entrance of your home is located in the South-West direction, place a yellow colour door mat there. It will strengthen your connectivity with your family and impart financial stability.
  2. To control aggressive behaviour, paint yellow colour in South-East zone.
  3. To avoid frequent arguments with wife, shift bedroom from East-South-East to South direction. Also place a pair of love birds in the South-West Zone.
  4. Place a family photograph in South-West zone of love and bonding to experience strong family harmony.
  5. If you feel irritated and tend lose temper the moment you enter your home, check if your kitchen (fire) is located in the zone of mind, i.e., North-East. It’s highly recommended not to build a kitchen or a toilet in this zone.
  6. Don’t light a red bulb in Puja room located in North-East direction.
  7. Place a green plant in the North and your Safe in the West to augment your gains and wealth.

The writer, MahaVastu Expert Prof. Dhanwant Singh, is CEO of MahaVastu Bengaluru Centre and also Founder & Chancellor of the APEX Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh.

Contact:Ms. Madhusmita

MahaVastu Bangalore Centre

Contact No: 8884930000

Tel:080 23615442, 080 23615559

About the Author

A MahaVastu Expert, Professor Singh is the Founder & Chancellor of the Apex Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh.

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