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A Small Introduction To Lung Cancer Treatment

Author: Michael Jaxon
by Michael Jaxon
Posted: Jan 19, 2016

As per WHO cancer has been a major cause of around 13 per cent deaths around the globe annually. Out of all its types, lung cancer is considered as the most dangerous one which causes around 1.37 million deaths on a yearly basis. It is therefore important to have some knowledge about this disease and most importantly about the different treatment options that are available in medical world. Apart from this, the patients must also take expert advice and see what’s their take on your state of health. However, in a general sense, following are the different types of lung cancer treatment options available for now:

  • Lobectomy: Lobectomy refers to surgical removal of lung ‘lobes" in order to remove the infected tissue from patient’s body. It may be effective in helping preventing further spread of cancer. It can be considered somewhat similar to fine needle aspiration which is used for removing some specific tissues. Sometimes if the condition is severe, the doctors may have to remove complete lung. However, this is suitable only when the cancer is in small cells and the disease is in early stage.
  • Chemotherapy: Under this method, the doctors mainly use cytotoxic drugs to stop the spreading of cancer in patient’s body. Almost 12 in every 100 lung cancer patients suffer with small cell lung cancer and chemotherapy can be very useful in curing that.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy is a little more focused approach towards the disease and mainly targets the cancer site to kill the cancer cells. A normal session of this therapy goes from 3-6 weeks and can be given in coordination with chemotherapy for better results.
  • Cryotherapy: This one uses very intense freezing temperatures to chill down and kill tumours cells in lungs. Once these tumours are dead, the doctors remove the dead tissues through surgery.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: Under this method, the patient is injected with a drug that increases their sensitivity to light. After some time, the patient is given anesthesia and is subjected to bronchoscopy. During this time a bright light is shone through tumour leading to activation of drug and killing of cancer cells.

These are some of the chosen methods for getting rid of lung cancer. The same can also be used for curing some other kinds of cancers like Mesothelioma Treatment Guide and a few others. It is mainly caused by an over exposure to asbestos –a toxic stone.

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