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5 reasons why you should consider granite worktops

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jan 19, 2016

Choosing the right material for kitchen worktops can flummox anyone. There are all the options available - wood, quartz, marble, Corian, granite and Hi-Macs and so on. Every material has its pros and cons that, as a buyer, you should be aware of. When you do some research, you will find that granite worktops are among the bestselling worktops for kitchens and there are plenty of reasons for the popularity of this material. It is true that there are inexpensive options available compared to granite. But granite has some of those amazing qualities that make it the top choice for kitchen countertops.

Kitchen worktops made of granite can cost differently depending upon how much granite you will require. For smaller upstands (1250 x 100 x 20), for instance, the cost of granite worktops can range between £16 and £40 depending upon the quality of the granite. For larger worktops (2500 x 650 x 30), the cost can range from £324 and go up to £558 depending upon the quality of granite. This cost comparison tells you clearly that granite, while it is not the most expensive option as a worktop material, is also not the cheapest option. But yet, you will do well to have a granite countertop installed in your kitchen and be proud of it. Moreover, if you plan to sell your home in future, your granite countertop will add some additional value to its price.

Now let us consider the advantages of using granite worktops.

  • Granite is an item of timeless beauty and goes back to the times of the Egyptian Civilization. It is extremely good looking and can completely enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Granite is a natural material and this lends it uniqueness. No two slabs of granite will ever be the same and this means there are these beautiful patterns that granite kitchen worktops create.
  • Granite has a lot of depth and the depth is completely visible when light reflects from the surface – this also adds to the beauty of this material.
  • Granite needs to be sealed and when the sealing is done, it doesn’t allow bacteria to thrive. It also has a sanitary top and this means granite worktops are completely safe to prepare food on. Just keep in mind that you should get the sealing done once every year.
  • Granite can also resist scratches and is easy to clean. For cleaning your granite countertop, you just need to use a recommended antibacterial cleaning solution and a piece of microfiber cloth. Even if there are chips on granite kitchen worktops, a professional can repair the chips easily.
  • Last but not the least, granite is extremely durable and can stand the test of time. Investing in a granite countertop is a long term investment.

If you want to change your worktop, opt for one of the granite worktops. Granite kitchen worktops are available with many sellers who also do the installing for you. Once your granite countertop is done, you will fall in love with it for sure.

There are various options in materials for kitchen worktops ( ). Among the best looking countertops, without doubt, are granite worktops ( ).

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