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Various Methods and Techniques for Dental beauty and treatment

Author: Shane Park
by Shane Park
Posted: Dec 03, 2013
dental beauty

There are many methods in dentistry that can enhance your smile and the shape of your dentures to give you the desired look. Such commonly practised methods and techniques for dental beauty and treatment are Adhesive dentistry, Dental bonding, Dental Veneers, Dental bleaching or tooth whitening, Inlay and Dental implant/ implants. Bioesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry offers the most advantageous and favourable dental health, beauty, and appearance that can provide you the desired look. It methodically evaluates the defects in chewing mechanism and corrects them. It brings symmetry between the individual components of the entire mechanism such as the teeth, tongue, facial bones, nerves, muscles, lips, mouth jaw joints and the face and hence, increases your dental functioning and facial beauty.

Adhesive dentistry is the method of dental bonding that involves enhancement of teeth, enamel and dentin. It also includes compound amalgamated bonding with the help of natural or tooth-coloured direct dental composites. These composites are used to repair dental damages like cracks or gaps between the teeth. Dental Veneers are also one of cosmetic dental beauty treatments that use a thin capping made of porcelain to cover up the dental anomalies like chipped and cracked teeth, misshaped and misaligned teeth, stained surface or tooth discolouration. It is an easy and efficient alternative that hides the flaws and gives a natural look without undergoing any sort of pain, injections, or drilling. The veneers are applied on the affected tooth with the help of a very powerful bonding agent.

Dental implants are also one of the ways of dental beauty and treatments wherein the artificial replacements for the root of the tooth are put that entirely resemble the teeth. There is more than one type of dental implant and the most successful one is the titanium implant.

Inlay dentistry is an indirect filling that consists of a solid substance like gold or porcelain that is fitted to a tooth cavity. An onlay is similar to an inlay. Dental Crowns are onlays which are used to entirely cover the tooth surface. The most common Dental beauty and treatment procedure is dental bleaching or tooth whitening. Bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, laser bleaching, and natural bleaching are the various techniques used for teeth whitening.
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