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5 tricks from marketing wizards for any business

Author: Devesh Chawla
by Devesh Chawla
Posted: Jan 20, 2016

Marketing is probably the most discussed word in business today, and it is so for many decades now. However novel marketing approaches get, the nitty-gritty of it keeps on changing and demanding now and then. Even the most successful brands and highly saleable products need newer initiatives to – either create a sensation in their consumers or keep existing customers interested. Here, we discuss five tricks from some of the top-notch marketing wizards that can lay the foundation for success in any business:

  1. In today’s ecosystem, emails play a vital role in grabbing audience attention. According to Noah Kagan, the originator of SunoMe, emails with catchy subject lines are a great marketing resource. Such emails provoke your audience to read them. He suggests few other factors, like including relevant persuasive images, mobile optimization and undeniable call to action, to reap the optimum benefits of these.
  2. We are in the digital era, and here, it is never difficult to find publications around your niche or industry. One of the founders Murray Newlands advice businesses to use such publications by contributing content. Doing this, you create space for your brand or enterprise thereby enhancing your visibility among target audience because this obviously is a subtle promotion.
  3. Social media occurrences don’t just happen; they are built! Those multiple platforms of social networking are now the best relationship builders for enterprises and according to Bryan Eisenberg, these must be exploited to fullest. But he adds that to build long-lasting relationships, companies must use influencer marketing approach. It is more of a strategic move but yields long-term dividends in business.
    • Right Content’ is the word about your brand, business or products. HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah feels companies have yet not ‘matured’ enough to realize this fact. He points out that instead of dedicating a huge sum to advertising, they should limit it and rather initiate content generation right when they launch a new product. Quality content broadcast at the right time can do more good to the company’s marketing campaign than anything else.
  4. Knowing your prospective customers’ interest is the key to marketing success. When a business does this, it protects its investment on promotions. James Mohan, world’s listed media professional and advisor says that if companies want to explore newer prospects and tap fullest potential of their business, they must pay attention to what a larger segment of people is looking for. By knowing what people want, they can almost crack the marketing puzzle and pull massive success.

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Author: Devesh Chawla

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