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Punishments That A DWI Houston Lawyer Can Reduce

Author: Gloria Lipp
by Gloria Lipp
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
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Hesitating to call a DWI Houston Lawyer is like inviting your own trouble. So, if you are ever arrested for a DWI offense, get in touch with a lawyer who has had years of experience in these cases. He will be able to get your license back and also help reduce a lot of punishment.

Punishments for DWI was first started way back in 1910 in USA and since then different countries have had different rules and laws regarding this offense. The rate of accidents has increased to a great extent over the years and drinking and driving is one of the reasons for that. Can you imagine 77% of accidents happen because of people driving under the influence of alcohol? However, there are also cases when a police officer unlawfully asks you to stop your car and starts investigating. You will be given a breathalyzer to breathe into. This helps find out if you are drunk or not and if you are, then the amount of alcohol content there is in your blood. There are two levels of punishment and that is decided according to the results from the breathalyzer. You will also have to go through several other tests after getting to the police station to check your sobriety. But, what if you are really guilty and even though you hire a DWI Houston Lawyer, you are not able to escape punishment? It would be best to know the type of punishments that you can get. Let’s find out.


The BAC result will decide the level of your punishment. If you are a first timer and your BAC level is around 0.08%, your driving license will be cancelled and you will have to pay a fine of $1000. If you have been caught for over speeding and the DWI offense came as a secondary offense, you may do away with community service. But, hiring a DWI Houston Lawyer is necessary because you would not like your license to be suspended for years. Moreover, if there are chances of reducing the fine amount, then it will be your benefit. If you are a second timer or your BAC level is more than 0.15%, then you may have to spend your time in jail or have to do a lot of community service. Along with this, your license will also get cancelled.


For those who are convicted for the first time and have a BAC level less than 0.08% will have to pay $1000. But, people who have been caught second time for the same offense will have to pay $1500. Not even an experienced DWI Houston Lawyer will be able to save you from this. And, this amount is a cumulative charge. So, you will have to pay a total of $2500.

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