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Laptop repair service is the needy service in this time

Author: Tiffany Morris
by Tiffany Morris
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
virus attack

This is the generation of information technology with the high speed of internet and the way of communication is from the computer. The Laptop is like a cousin or a younger brother of the computer, which is affordable, adorable, easy to carry or we can say it is moveable desktop or a mobile library that contain enough programming like a normal desktop has.

The laptop is the latest technology which helps to nourish and explore the knowledge of a person. Where he or she enjoy as well as produce their efficiency of work, while practicing. Assignments and projects are part of education in academy user want to give their best way of presentation while submitting a file. Toner refilling in Mumbai plays an important role to those people.

But the overuse of anything leads to the creation of the new problem. Like nutrition, if a human consumes more specific nutrient then he or she counts in over nutrition deficiency while in other hand absence of any nutrition leads to malnutrition. Machine and man work differently but the function is to take a rest for a while. The Machine can work fast, accept the commands, take and giving of inputs and output faster. But it also has the disease like a human. A common and the dangerous problem is the "virus". There is the difference between the actual virus of the human body and in the computer, but the function is same. In the human body, virus affects and malfunction internal and external part of the body and in the computer it malfunctioning the program, and the higher risk is it breaks the hard disk of computer till the device or a system dead.

Attack of Virus is the most vulnerable and potent threat of computer or laptop user. This attack interrupts an important work with involving of data and documents. This is mandatory for every user to aware about the programs & the software which is helpful to protect the machine or laptop from virus attack. There are different source of virus attack discuss below:

  • Easy to download any program from the internet is actually a threat of the virus. Where the source is not reliable and the newsgroups of the internet is one of the main sources of virus attack. The best possibility of virus attack source is downloadable files; it can be any type of programs like games, screen savers or any executable files. That executable files have specific extensions like ".exe." & ".com". The precaution is to scan the data before downloading any applications.
  • Another source of virus attack is cracked software. It happens when most of the people cracking any software to install it illegally. And such illegal files contain the high amount of viruses and the bug which is difficult to detect and remove. That’s why user looks to
laptop repair service to diagnose it.

  • Email from the unknown sender with the attachment is also a threat of virus attack. Hence, the system of mailing should handle carefully. Or the known person also send any content from his threat full computer.
· The Internet is the best example of spreading a virus to numerous systems. Surfing of internet is not dangerous but it has a little bit of risk while in contacting and sharing with unknown person’s id through social networking.
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This is article is written by Tiffany Morris who offers Hp laptop repair, including toner refilling in Mumbai.

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