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Why Do You Need Emergency Backup Generators?

Author: Travis Lavallie
by Travis Lavallie
Posted: Jan 22, 2016

Your home may use more than a dozen electrical appliances and devices to provide you with convenience and security. In the event of a power outage, these devices become useless and life is suddenly at the mercy of the elements, more or less. This is a situation you would rather avoid, wouldn’t you? So as to prepare for a power outage, you need to install emergency backup.

Emergency backup generators come in two major types: domestic and industrial. As the names suggest, a domestic backup generator is suitable for a household or two, while a commercial version will be able to support the needs of a commercial establishment like a factory or hospital. The implementation of a domestic model entails finding a convenient place preferably outside your home or in your basement and getting your electrician to connect the generator to your home’s power supply. If your emergency backup is of the standby type, then your backup power generator kicks into action automatically within seconds on the occurrence of a power outage and you are assured of a continuous electrical power supply. Its sensors also realize when power is restored. The generator then transfers the load back to the electricity source and shuts down. This actual switching around of power is handled by a transfer switch.

If you have bought a portable generator for your home needs, then you may have to manually turn it on in the event of a power supply failure. These usually light-weight generators have two main advantages - cost and flexibility. Also, this type of generators requires no permanent installation since they are meant to be portable. Being small in size they have a smaller fuel tank, which, in turn, means that they can be relied upon for a lesser number of hours of emergency backup power supply. Due to these factors, portable generators are less expensive than the standby variety. Since they are meant to be carried around, they are available in many different designs, colors, styles, sizes and using different types of fuel. They are better used where remote power is needed, for example on camping trips or in other places where there is no electricity supply.

Whatever kind of emergency power backup generator you use, do remember that electric power is not its only output. Both portable as well as standby generators let out carbon monoxide while they are in use. This is an odorless and colorless gas that is poisonous enough to kill you. Always ensure that the exhaust system of your generator is clean and directed away from where the more populated areas of your home. Never ever run a generator inside a room or confined spaces because the deadly gas can easily fill up the spaces and linger long after the generator has shut down. Head for fresh air if you start feeling dizzy around or near a running generator. Always follow the instructions given in the user manual for the best results with your emergency backup generator.

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