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How to Buy Best and Cheapest Car Insurance in Singapore?

Author: Hlasinsurance Lee
by Hlasinsurance Lee
Posted: Jan 22, 2016

As the fast development of society, many people can afford a car now. When you buying a car, it is no doubt that you may want to figure out a way to protect your car since you have spent lots of money. As a result, many car owners will know car insurance. However, do you know how to buy the best and cheapest car insurance in Singapore?

There are so many kinds of car insurance in Singapore, such as traffic compulsory insurance, the third-party liability insurance, spontaneous auto insurance, vehicle damage insurance, pilfer insurance and non-deductible insurance. There are so many choices when buying insurance every year. How to choose a suitable car insurance? Here we share sincere advices.

Third party car insurance is the most important. After all, you cannot drive a destroyed car. The third party is not exempt from the compensation. Whether they maintain the ability to compensate losses to others is the top priority when buying car insurance. To avoid similar trouble, we should make sure that the third-party liability insurance is full.

Compensation standards for various parts of the country are not the same according to the highest standards of automobile insurance compensation calculations. I suggest you take a look at your old insurance policy, if the insured amount is insufficient, it is recommended at least 200,000 more than the insured, insured 500,000 conditional. Do not save money for the third-party liability insurance. Some insurance companies insure more than 500,000, which rejected the insurance yet. From this perspective, you should know that the importance of the third-party liability insurance.

If no other accident insurance and health insurance of the owners, to their previous 100,000 drivers insurance, as medical expenses, be regarded as responsible for his family now. Passengers insurance if the probability of more passengers can be insured amount more, 5-10 million / seats, be responsible for the family and passengers. If passengers less chance Paul 10,000 per seat is more economic.

Purchase vehicle damages insurance and then buy other types of car insurance in Singapore. Accidents often accompanied by damage to the car. Here goes without saying.

Spend a little more money to let the car insurance company for compensation when it does not buckle that. Purchase the deductible car insurance of his third party liability insurance,driver seat liability insurance, passenger seat liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance.

Other types of insurance, risk in the car, with respect to the risk of 1-5, and will not cause serious impact on family well-being and finances. Therefore, it is recommended according to the demand to buy.

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