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Here’s How an Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Helps to Take the Stress from a Divorce

Author: Bettina Yanez
by Bettina Yanez
Posted: Dec 04, 2013

Choosing to end a marriage is in most cases a difficult decision that is often followed by stressful, tedious divorce proceedings. If you find yourself in a difficult divorce, it can leave you drained emotionally and financially. But that is probably the last thing you want and it is always in everyone’s best interests if a divorce ends amicably. You can choose to hire an Orange County divorce mediation attorney for mediation and avoid litigation, which tends to be the more expensive option.

Mediation is considered one of the best alternatives to the traditional divorce in terminating a marriage. The mediation process can be presided over by a neutral third party (mediator) who may be an Orange County family law lawyer who is experienced in Family law Orange County. It involves having the divorce lawyer facilitating the mediation process in which the couple resolves conflicts and agrees on settlement that is fair to both parties. Unlike divorce court proceedings, the settlement is based on the parties’ decision and not one that is imposed on them by the court. Both parties are also allowed to consult with family law lawyers for advice if they wish.

Usually, the mediating divorce attorney is non-biased and does not make a decision or influence the decision that the parties reach. Note that mediation is a voluntary process and either party can choose to go through it or to decline- both must agree to it before a family lawyer in Orange County begins the process. In addition, both parties must be in agreement regarding all the decisions made to resolve the conflict and settlements at the end of the mediation process.

Orange County family law attorneys also assist with the preparation of the necessary documentation that is required in the settlement process. According Orange County divorce lawyers, all the assets acquired during the marriage that the couple owns are distributed evenly between them if they divorce. Among the most contentious issues that cause bitter conflicts during divorce proceedings is distribution of property and spousal support, child custody and living arrangements. But with the help of an Orange County domestic violence attorney or an Orange County child custody attorney, these issues can be resolved in a manner that puts the best interests of the involved parties into account.

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